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3 1649 00413 0057 




■ * **- L**- 






JUN ^ 2 2011 

1JH, MA 02360 




1 V 


' ! 


•\ I*, 





vy -/ ^ 














Vl- ■ v 


Plymouth North's 

l^rama Club 



Cast and Crew 

Dr. Hoarse with Nurse Bell 

Pete has words with Wash 
about his marriage to Terri 

I know we are going to get 
blamed for this 

Wash Cloth dead 
in the chair 

Keys? Keys? 
Every room 
has a key ! 

Quick, let's move the dead body 

Detectives Holski & Holmes try to solve the crime 

Holly & Ivy look for some medicine' 

The doctor 




his own 



take a 


The morticians 





tLtO i .r^ri 





WL»»1»W* «VM 












l'\ .- UfTW/ ^»tE» 










Homecoming Dance ¥ 





HI '^3 

7 ^Bk ; 

1 Vll 



** |v 



Cta$$ ci acii 











5^1 1, 


Class cf2C 13 

• \ i" ;• 

V s 

Spirit Week 



Class of 2014 

Spirit Week 


Thanksgiving Pep Rally ^mfnz 



~"vL •» 


■ ■..■- 



Go North Beat South 



Thanksgiving Day 2010 





: % 


• / 





Cody Martin 






Sam Pickett 





Kevin Farrell - Housemaster 

Kathleen McSweeney- Principal 

William Burkhead - Assistant Principal 

Mary Callahan - Assistant Principal 

Main Office and 

Student Services Support Staff 

Dorrie Follette, Erin Serrilla, 

Susan Smith, Judy Kendell, 

Dorrie Woods, Kathleen Nee 


Special Education Department 

Christine Sampson, MeenaTondravi, Barbara Gravelle, Elaine Charlebois, Mario Cedrone, 

Deborah Smith, Julie Arnold, Melissa Cole, Mary-Jane Banville, L Sheldon Daly, 

Christine Belmonte, Kristen Bilbo, Tanya Little, Donald Ivas, Alida Nickerson, 

Jason Burgess, Margaret Madden, Lee McGee, Janine Giatrakos 


English Language Department 

Emma Jo Manley, Sarah Philips, 

Sharon Lasky, Maria daSilva, 

Michelle Jaruse, Amber Roderick, 

Elizabeth Hughes, Jonathan Murphy 

Educational Support Staff 

Jennifer Crane, Judith Brisbois, 

Wanda DeSchamp-Savard, Carol Downey, 

Michelle Kerr, Deborah Travers, 

Megan Magno, Linda Farley, 
Cynthia Hunter, Barbara Webster 

Social Studies Department 

Timothy Ward, Heather Milliken, 

Steven Moore, Jeremy Hales, 

Lynn Larracuente, Dana Perlow, 

)avid Clark, Joelene Hoffman, Kimberly Allen 


Mathematics Department 

Michael Cabral, Bryant Lefebvre, 
Steven Fernald, Melanie Dolloff, 1 
Melsie Gaignard, Diane Blaisdell 

Jeremy Adelmann, 

Mary Humberd, Marcus Urann, 

Margaret Foley, 

Rory Plante 

World Languages Departments 

Michelle Lewison, Jimmie Wooten, 

Diane Sherman-Colerick, 

Andrew Daitsman, 

Rachel Fallon, 

Jonathan Arend, Linda Goggin 


Science Department 

Patricia Glynn, Mary Quinn, 

Mary Ellen Stephen, 

Maryjo Sabalewski, 

Betsy Robbins, Nicole Jalbert, 

Karen Merrill, Nicholas DiRenzo, 

Nancy Rozak 

Education Departments 

Eric Foley, Jane Burt, 

Tracy McCormack, 

Emerson Coleman, Jackie Bouley, 

Lauren Andersen, William Drew 

Cafeteria Staff 

Donna Barrus, Dana Bruggeman, 

Denise Day, Lynn Dean, 

Judy Kaiser, Patricia Murphy, 

Pamela Quirk, Diane Soares, 

Patricia Spinetti, Marcia Tatalias 

Guidance Department 

Meghan Strawn, 

Jo-Anne Gretemeyer, 

Nancy Flanagan, Mark Tanguay, 

Cynthia Scanlon, Andrea Norton, 

Brunnie Getchell, Michael Canavai 

■ ; • 


Toby Canham/Getty images for Extra 



Brian Kersey/Getty Imai 

AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Karen Warren 

fEuIying hurts Jj^ 
« ALL of usl 

Mike StobeyGetty Images for New York Red Bull 

John Moore/Getty Images 

Merrick Morton/©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection 


The federal government takes 
steps to prevent bullying in 
schools and communities. To 
make information accessible, 
a steering committee develops 

John Moore/Getty Images 

This soldier, from the U.S. 
Army 4th Infantry, returns 
home to Colorado as a 
result of President Obama's 
directive to reduce our 
troops in Iraq. 

AP Photo/Office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, File 

After a nearly fatal gunshot 
wound, Representative 
Gabrielle Giffords continues 
her difficult recovery. 

Chip Somodevilla/Getty images 

Staff Sergeant Salvatore 
Giunta, a 25-year-old Army 
staff sergeant who served in 
Afghanistan, is the first living 
recipient of the Medal of 
Honor since 1976. 

John Moore/Getty Images 


urn ^u«c-*i 

WH'rmi'H wiinnPini 

Alaska Senator Lisa 
Murkowski is re-elected 
as a write-in candidate. 

ullyinj hurts 

ALL of us I 

President Obama signs the Executive Order on the White House 
Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics to support 
education issues in the Hispanic community. 


The U.S. government is 
compromised when Julian 
Assange's WikiLeaks website 
publishes sensitive diplomatic 
cables discussing Pakistan, 
North Korea, Iran and China. 

President Obama signs H.R. 3590, the Patient Protection and 
Affordable Care Act. The 2,400-page law is aimed at improving 
health care coverage and lowering costs. 

Despite attempted Thanksgiving holiday protests, airports 
across the U.S. implement full body scanners to screen airline 
passengers for possible weapons and explosives. 

The world celebrates as 
33 miners from Chile's San 
Jose Copper-Gold mine are 
safely rescued after spending 
two months trapped 700 
meters underground. 

David Paul Morris/Getty Images 

A new law aimed at fast food 
marketing in San Francisco 
requires that kids' meals meet 
nutritional standards before 
they can be sold with toys. 

Spencer Platt/Getty Images 

Emerging from bankruptcy, 
General Motors is profitable 
again. The company raises 
$20.1 billion in the largest 
global initial public offering 
(IPO) in U.S. history. 

Sean Gallup/Getty Images 

After protests in favor of 
democracy peaked in the 
streets of Cairo, Egyptian 
President Hosni Mubarek 
steps down. 

Samir Hussem/Wirelmage 

Britain's Prince William and 
Kate Middleton announce their 
engagement in November 
2010. They plan to marry 
in 2011. 



A U.S. senator asks the 
government to investigate 
when reusable grocery 
bags sold by a Florida 
supermarket chain contain 
harmfully high levels of lead. 

John M. Heller/Getty Images 

TOMS Shoes, which 
donates one pair to a child 
in need for every pair sold, 
becomes a philanthropic 
fashion phenomenon. 

A new element, discovered in 
1 996, finally receives its official 
name: Copernicum. It is named 
in honor of Copernicus, the 
Renaissance mathematician 
and astronomer. 

Mark Wilson/Getty Images 

NASA-funded astrobiology 
researchers discover a new 
life form, a bacterium that 
can use the toxic chemical 
arsenic as fuel for growing 
and rebuilding itself. 

The Washington Post/Contributor 

G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images 


AP Photo NASAAJPL-Caltech/University of Maryland Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

Actress and singer Selena Gomez, age 18, serves as the 
spokesperson for UNICEF's trick-or-treat campaign. She 
is the organization's youngest goodwill ambassador 

AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jonathan Hayward 

Wind turbines become more 
prevalent. The emergence 
of "wind farms" signals the 
beginning of what could be a 
wind energy boom. 

AP Photo/Zina Deretsky. National Science 

An 8.8 magnitude earthquake 
in Chile shifts our planet's 
axis by about three inches 
and shortens the Earth day 
by 1 .26 millionths of a second. 

Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images 

The Environmental Protection 
Agency investigates how to 
manage and regulate tracking, 
a process used to release the 
natural gas trapped under 
dense rock. 

AP Photo/Kyoto University via Kyodo News 

The black kokanee, a species 
of freshwater salmon thought 
to be extinct for 70 years, 
is found living in a lake near 
Japan's Mount Fuji. 

Manny Pacquiao fights 
Antonio Margarito to earn 
the WBC World Super 
Welterweight title. Pacquiao 
is also a Congressman in 
the Philippines. 

Peter Read Miller/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images 

Phillies pitcher Roy 
Halladay wins the 
National League Cy 
Young Award by a 
unanimous vote, 
becoming the fifth 
pitcher to receive the 
honor in both leagues. 

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images 

3 NFL Stresses 

The NFL announces 
that players can be 
suspended without 
pay for dangerous 
hits to an opponent's 
head. The move is 
aimed at preventing 
tackling injuries. 

Former Laker great Magic 
Johnson and Kobe Bryant 
celebrate the LA Lakers' NBA 
Finals Game 7 win against the 
Boston Celtics. 

Horse/ Andy Lyons/Getty Images 

In the Breeders' Cup 
Classic at Churchill Downs, 
thoroughbred champion 
racehorse Zenyatta ends 
her 19-race winning streak, 
losing by a head to Blame. 

Tony Hawk welcomes Olympic gold medalist snowboarder 
. I Shaun White to his second annual Stand Up for Skateparks 
benefit in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images 




Katy Perry's headline- 
grabbing wedding to Russell 
Brand and her controversial 
Sesame Street appearance 
overshadow the release of her 
new album, Teenage Dream. 

Astnd Stawiarz/Getty Images 


' Chemical i 

"Na Na Na," by My 
Chemical Romance, is a 
popular punk anthem. It's 
included in the Rocktober 
track pack for Guitar Hero: 
Warriors of Rock. 

Rick Diamond/Getty Images 

Genre-spanning Christian 
artist Francesca Battistelli 
releases a new album, 
Hundred More Years. The first 
single is "This Is the Stuff." 

Jackie Evancho, the 10-year- 
old soprano who came to 
fame on America's Got Talent, 
releases a bestselling holiday 
CD/DVD titled O Holy Night. 

Mike Coppola/FilmMagic 

Bobby Ray Simmons, also known as B.o.B., sees 
his second single, "Airplanes," soar to the top of 
the charts in the U.S. and the U.K. 

Travie McCoy 

Travie McCoy, of 
Gym Class Heroes, 
releases his first 
solo album. The lead 
single, "Billionaire," 
i,i goes double platinum 

and tops the U.S. 
and U.K. charts. 

O Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift's Speak 
Now is the first 
release by a female 
artist since Britney 
Spears to sell more 
than 1 million copies 
in its first week. 



I ErjjjI/RjKilern;, 

Miranda Lambert receives a record-breaking nine CMA 
nominations. She wins three trophies, including Album of the 
Year for Revolution and Female Vocalist of the Year. 


Country supergroup 
Lady Antebellum took 
home five Grammy awards, 
including Song of the Year 
and Record of the Year. 


■ Bomboy ABC via Cottmnr 

Brad Paisley takes home the Country Music - Favorite Male 
Artist award from the American Music Awards and the CMA 
Entertainer of the Year Award. 

Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images 

Eminem didn't crack a 
smile when he expressed 
his gratitude for winning 
the Grammy for Rap Solo 

Jemal Countess/Getty Images 

Ke$ha wins the Best New 
Act award at the MTV Europe 
Music Awards and ends the 
year with three songs on 
Billboard's Hot 100. 

Marc Serota/Getty Images 

Everybody likes "I Like It," the 
first release from Euphoria, 
Enrique Iglesias's bilingual 
album. The song tops the 
charts in the U.S., Canada 
and Australia. 

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images 

Carrie Underwood wows the 
American Music Awards. Her 
third studio album. Play On, 
garners the Country Music - 
Favorite Album award. 

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images 

The Black Eyed Peas release 
a new album. The Beginning, 
and book an appearance at 
the halftime show of Super 
Bowl XLV. 


Google CEO Eric Schmidt 
gives a talk about how 
Google TV will unite web 
surfing with channel surfing. 

This is definitely not your 
father's boom box. The 
latest MP3 technology 
combined with 1980s styling 
make this machine a must 
for modern parties. 

Black Op 

game series, sells a record- 
breaking 7 million copies in 
the first 24 hours of its release. 

sT® 9 

-V 3 ® » 

A new generation adopts the 
retro bean bag chair. This 
updated classic is ideal for 
watching television, playing 
games, reading and keeping 
up with social media. 

In The Lost Hero, the sequel 
to his Percy Jackson & the 
Olympians series, author 
Rick Riordan introduces 
three new characters: 
Jason, Piper and Leo. 


lata dtfl 


| 1 l-.|rh«| 

Vitnwnjirtulri'«l*J-J kll Scwtft ■»!*•« I« *0W -Irii 

1 m 

.—•— — • 



/ - # IHI Ml 

Ramin Talaie/Bloomberg via Getty Images 




Suzanne Collins publishes Mockingjay, the third 
and final book in her popular science fiction series, 
The Hunger Games trilogy. 

Rock Band 3 

Featuring a new 
keyboard and 83 songs, 
Rock Band 3 is released 
worldwide. Its Pro mode 
mimics the experience of 
playing real instruments. 

C Xbox Kinect 

You don't need a controller to play the newest 
technology games. The Xbox Kinect features a 
sensor that can read motion, faces and voices. 

A new, motion-sensing controller debuts for the PlayStation 3 
console. The Move is a Bluetooth wireless wand. Players can 
use up to four at once. 

Younger kids get their very own dance video game. Just 
Dance Kids challenges Wii players to master more than 
40 dances led by real kids. 

Ralph Orlowski/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

Cake Boss 

Members of the 
Valastro family, 
of Carlo's Bake 
Shop in Hoboken, 
become popular 
reality television 
stars in Cake Boss 
on TLC. 

The cast of Jersey Shore appears on Barbara 
Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating 
People of 2010. 

Donna Svennevlk/ABC via Getty Images 

Team Coco rejoices 

as Conan O'Brien 

returns to late night 

television. Conan 

uses Twitter and 

YouTube to 

-• • 

announce the 
premiere of Conan 
on TBS. 

«J|I6C NBCil ^1 

SloBaJfciaA^mag^ ^S. ^ _^ r> 4f~* A 


• n ft f 

\ .- H*r -. "i\ 

W ' ^ 

1»T M ,»>1 J 



- — 1 

a a 

J fc ■■■■■■■ .. • 

• *■ H 

«"^ i 

Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer are back for another season 
of mystery, intrigue and secrets on the ABC suspense drama, 
Pretty Little Liars. 

Minute to Win It, starring Guy Fieri, returns to NBC for a 
second season of fast-paced challenges and cash awards of 
upto$1 million. 

An iconic, 1960s crime drama 
returns with a cool, new cast. 
Hawaii Five-0 chronicles the 
adventures of an elite police 
unit in paradise. 

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images 

A call center for an American 
company is recently 
outsourced to India in the 
NBC comedy hit Outsourced. 

Richard Harbaugh/ABC Family via Getty Images 

Angelina Jolie is a woman 
of mystery and Johnny 
Depp is an ordinary tourist. 
Or is he? The plot thickens 
in The Tourist. 

John Lamparski/Getty Images 

Amanda Seyfried stars as the title character in Red Riding 
Hood, a romantic horror tale about a medieval village 
terrorized by a werewolf. 

A runaway train is 
on a collision course 
with disaster, unless 
Denzel Washington 
and Chris Pine can 
save the day in the 
suspenseful thriller, 

Mysterious "burglaries" in a family home turn out to be 
something far more sinister in Paranormal Activity 2, the 
prequel to a popular horror film. 

"he sequel to a science-fiction thriller from 1 982, Iron: Legacy 
follows the adventure of a young man who investigates his 
father's mysterious disappearance. 

* J 


a.. ' ^Hy fl 


■% ^ 

1:41:15AM I 

Robert Downey, Jr. returns 
as the inventor-superhero 
Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. 
a long-awaited sequel 
featuring storylines adapted 
from Marvel Comics. 

©Warner BrosVCourtesy Everett Collection 

An orphaned baby goddaughter 
inspires Katherine Heigl and 
Josh Duhamel to set their 
differences aside in Life As We 
Know It, a romantic comedy. 

Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection 

When a cartoon super-villain 
defeats his nemesis, he loses 
his will to be evil. Will Ferrell 
lends his voice to the reluctant 
hero of Megamind. 

Saeed Adyani/OOverture Films'Courtesy 
Everett Collection 

After a mysterious toxin 
enters the water supply of an 
Iowa town, many residents 
go insane in The Crazies, 
a sci-fi horror flick. 

Phil Bray/TM &©Fox-Walden. All nghts 
reserved/courtesy Everett Collection 

Chronicles of Narnia: The 
Voyage of the Dawn Treader 
is a 3D feature film adaptation 
of the third book in the C.S. 
Lewis fantasy series. 

©Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection 


The boy-style plaid flannel 
shirt is a popular look for 
both guys and girls. Just 
add a pair of perfectly 
worn jeans. 


From popped collars to 
Top Siders, prep style 
endures. True Prep shows 
a new generation how it's 
done and what it means. 


Dr. Dre's Monster Beats are state-of-the-art 
headphones that make a strong, street-smart 
fashion statement. They look cool. And they 
sound even cooler. 

Mineral Makeup 


Beauty mavens 
agree: mineral makeup 
rocks. These sheer, 
lightweight, powdery 
formulas are the 

smart alternative to 

gooey, pore-clogging 

Get the look with a classic polo, 
distressed skinny jeans and leather 
belt with your favorite treads. 

Self-expression is always 
in fashion and the right hat 
makes it easy to add panache 
(and hide a bad hair day). All 
you need is a cute fedora or a 
jaunty newsboy cap. 

sre's nothing olive drab 
about this trend. Military 
jackets are snappy, sleek 
and chic — a far cry from the 
oversized Army surplus look 
of yesteryear. 

Parents and foot doctors hate 
them but the flip-flop fad is a 
year-round phenomenon for 
guys and girls alike (except 
during snowstorms). 

Dentists report that more and more teens 
are asking about teeth bleaching procedures, 
especially for photo-op occasions like proms 
or sweet sixteen parties. 

VerQ BrCtdl6V BOOS Colorful, quilted Vera Bradley bags are the epitome 
of sorority sister style. Devotees mix and match 
Vera messenger bags, clutches, totes and wallets. 

Everybody needs an afternoon snack but nobody 
time for milk and cookies. The newest granola bars 
deliver easy energy between lunch and practice. 


Oprah Winfrey takes on 
dangerous distracted driving 
with her No Phone Zone 
campaign, where celebrities 
and civilians pledge not to 
phone or text while driving. 

O Hanna Barbera/Courtesy: Everett Collection 

The Flintstones celebrate a 
milestone as the modern Stone 
Age family turns 50 on 
September 30. 2010. A 
special Google Doodle marks 
the occasion. 


topic of ; 

Yahoo! I 

top 1 search terms: 

1. BP Oil Spill 

2. World Cup 

3. Miley Cyrus 

4. Kim Kardashian 

5. Lady Gaga 

6. iPhone 

7. Megan Fox 

8. Justin Bieber 

9. American Idol 

1 0. Britney Spears 

SAM YEH/AFP/Getly Images 

High-speed broadband 
devices are on the verge of 
multi-channel high-definition 
TV broadcasting thanks 
to emerging WiMAX 4G 
technology that improves 
image and data capabilities. 

rson of the Yi 

Old media acknowledges 
the power of new media 
when TIME names 
Facebook founder Mark 
Zuckerberg as its Person 
of the Year for 201 0. 

* A 


1 Frederick M 

Brown/Getty Images 


™mp — 

^ h -s Ho Phone Zone P»ed9« 
Oprah s NO r ^^^n*-' 

— _* iae «* "» n0- ™" 
1 o*« ^^^^^^^^ 

David Paul Moms/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

Kike Calvo via AP Images 


ones become faster, cheaper and more 
than ever for everyone who loves to text, 
maybe even talk once in a while. 

Consumers are 
snapping up 
great deals on 
flat screen TVs 
as prices continue 
to drop and 
supply begins to 
outpace demand. 


A H D N W , Pu+ yo\jr j^ s ^e+ter hr\t 

Megan Monavar Abaspour 

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by 
the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. 
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. 
Catch the tradewinds in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover." 
- Mark Twain 

Thank you for making my dreams come true and giving me the 
courage to explore and discover the unknown. 
I love you Mom and Dad! To Clennie; Thank you for all you 
have done to get me where I am today! ILY! Haley; I love you 
more than words can say. I will miss you the most when I'm in 
college. Remember to stay strong and never doubt yourself. I 
will always be your big sister and I'm here if you ever need me. 
Love you Wid! MB ZW BC AD The memories we have shared 
will forever stay in my heart. Best of luck. Love you guys! 

Brandon Abel 

John Agnew 

Thank you to my family and teachers. 

Frank Aguiar 

Emily Aisner 

Justin Andrade 

Thank you to Mom, Dad and Tiff for always being supportive. 
Many thanks to all my friends for being around. "People are 
like dice, they can be thrown in any direction" -Jaen Pole. I'm 
happiest when I am wrestling and with my friends. 

"Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, con- 
centrate the mind on the present moment." - Buddha. Mom, 
Dad, Rachel, Trent, Adam, and Jonathan, thank you for all 
of the love and support. I love you. To Colin and all of my 
friends, I love you more than anything. Keep in touch always. 
Mr. Tanguay, Mr. Plante, and Mr. Burkhead, thank you for 
always being there. You've helped me get through so much. 
PN Hockey, you guys toughened me up. Love you guys. To all 
my lax girls: I love you all. Tracy and Cait, I miss you so much, 
and you made me who I am today. PN Drama club old and 
new. Well, it's been real Plymouth North. Good luck class of 
2011. And don't forget "You miss 100% of the shots you don't 
take." - Wayne Gretsky 


Joshua Andrews 

Hannah Bailey 

Diana Barbieri 

Above all be true to yourself; it you cannot put your heart into 
it, take yourself out of it. Passion drives hard work and success 
and happiness. To my parents, thank you for providing me with 
endless support, opportunities, and love. You helped get me to 
where I am, and your lessons will get me through the rest of 
my life. I treasure the happiness and opportunities for travel 
and friendship that volleyball has brought me these last four 
years, in and out of school. I will never forget my love of the 
sport. Lastly thank you to Wingnut, Goldie, and Kaila Marie 
Braley for undying compassion. 


Tyler Barrows 

Brianne Battles 

Lacey Battles 

I would like to thank my mom, dad, brother and the rest of my 
family for helping me and supporting me with everything. Rides 
tothe mansions, pool parties on bloc, fighting Corboitis, scooter- 
ing to school, swimming across the pond. KATZ for life. 

"One day at a time-this is enough. Do not look back and grieve 
over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the 
future for it has not yet come. Live in the present and make tt 
so beautiful it will be worth remembering." - Unknown. To all 
those people who have been there for me the past four vears: I 
would not be where I am today without you. Mom, Dad, Lacey, 
you guys mean the world to me and have kept me grounded 
these seventeen crazy years. It has been a long ride, but through 
all the tears and the laughter, we have finally made it. 




Jocelyn Benvie 

Ashleigh Berg 

Jason Bergeron 

"What \ ( >u leat e behind is not what is engraved in stone monu- 
ments, but what is woven into the lives of others." - Pericles. 
Thank you to all of my close friends for always being by my 
side in the long run. You have all made me feel so grateful. 
Thank you Mom and Dad for always pushing me to do my 
best. I love you all so much. "Co confidently in the direction 
ui \our dreams. Live the life you have imagined." - Henry 
David Thoreau. 

"I guess when it comes down to it, being grown up isn't as fun 
as growing up. These are the best days of our lives. The only 
thing that matters is just following your heart and eventually 
you'll finally get it right" - Unknown. Mom, Dad, & Justin thanks 
for all you've done for me and thanks for all your support. I 
love you. To my friends: thanks for always being there when 
I needed you most, I love you all IM Bl JF AG AS EG. Soccer 
girls, I've had so many laughs with all of you, I'll miss you 
guys (especially royalty) ACL '08 & '09. Keene '10. Thanks to 
everyone else who has made this experience an enjoyable one. 
Congratulations class of 201 1 , we finally made it. 

Mom Dad and Carly, thank you for always supporting m 
You three are the source of my inspiration. I love you gu) 
Friends — JC MGT| GR NH AS BG NK CM KATZ 4 Life Mec 
Meow Meow. "The ultimate measure of a man is not where I 
stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of I 
challenge and controversy." Martin Luther King Jr. 

Dylan Borofski 

Dana Boudreau 

Vinicius Braga 

I want to thank my parents for supporting me and helping me 
with everything, I couldn't have done it without them. This 
is tor all my boys its been good chilling and all the sesh's at 
the trap. Thank you mom for everything you have done and 
motivating me to do everything. "So let me live my life the 
way I want to" lil wayne 


Kaila Braley 

Kelley Brennan 

Ashley Brisbois 

"The world may be broken, but hope is not crazy" • John 
Green. To all my friends, family, and teachers, thank you 
for making me who I am today. I couldn't forget you, even 
if I wanted to! Good luck with everything you do. Because, 
"Lord, we know what we are, but we know not what we may 
be" — Shakespeare. DFTBA 

Thanks everyone for one long, awesome, crazy, weird, exhaust- 
ing, but still epic adventure. DFTBA. "And now for something 
completely different ..." — Monty Python 

The past four years have been unforgettable; I never thought 
they would fly by so fast. Mom, Dad, Amanda, Nick and Alex- 1 
don't say it enough but I love you all and appreciate everything 
you have done. Friends- high school is a memory that wi 1 1 never 
fadeaway; I will always remember our story times and all the 
blonde moments <3. Danceteam- dancing with you girls has 
been the best, I will miss you all. Class of 201 1- we finally 
made it, good luck and remember to "dream as if you'll live 
forever, and live as if you'll die today" - lames Dean. 

Theresa Brouillard 

Megan Brown 

Carissa Brown 

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself in any directions you choose. You're on 
your own and you know what you know. Your the guy who'll 
decide where to go" - Theodor Seuss Geisel. Mom- Thanks 
for everything and inspiring me to become so mui h more 
in life I love you so much. Nana and Pa- Thanks for always 
being there and giving me the courage to get where I am 
today I love you both. Nana stay strong! "If you can imagine 
it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become 
it" - William Arthur Ward 


Alexandra Brunstrom 

Allan Burgess 

Maggie Burt 

Matthew Buscemi 

Katherine Buxton 

"Trust everyone, it's the devil in side them I don't trust." -The 
Italian Job. Thanks Mom, Dad, Sammie, Lauren, C.J. and Sarah 
thanks for all of the support that you gave me. Thanks to all of 
my friends that have made me laugh through everything. To 
the Volleyball, Basketball and Track teams thanks for all of the 
memories over the last four years. To the kids in Best Buddies I 
had fun with all of you and hope you always will. Model UN will 
always be some of the highlights, you can never beat elevator 
races. To Plymouth North thanks for all of the challenges that 
you threw at me after every corner they made me into a better 
person. To the students congratulations! We did it!! 


Daniel Cabral 

Nicholas Aaron Caccialini 

"For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, 
'It might have been'" - John Whittier 

Favorite People: Rich H., |oe Cook, |osh W., Cody T., Trudy 
B., Ryan S., Bekah C, Chris T., Eric S., Sarah Moscone, Katie 
M., Larry M., Bryan Hayes, Billy Mays. Memories: Everything. 
Happiest When: With the DUKZ. 

Michael Cahill 

Lauren Callahan 

David Campbell 

Megan Cappola 

"You never really leave a place or person you love, part of 
them you take with you, leaving a part of yourself behind." - 
unknown. Mom I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't 
for you, I love you more than words can say. Dad & Justin thank 
you for always being there for me, love you. ON KD CB MC 
EM Bl KM ML FC SW AC, you girls mean the world to me, 
love you always. To all my friends, I'll never forget the crazy 
memories and the fun times we've had. "Remember today, for 
it is the beginning of always. Today marks the start of a brave 
new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Think truly to 
the future and make those dreams come true." - unknown. We 
finally did it class of 201 1 1 It's been real PNorth. 

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." • R. Byrne 
To Mom, Dad, Andrea *, Daniel, Thank you for always being 
there for me with your love, support, guidance and laughter. I 
love you all very much Thank you to all my teachers throughout 
the years who have helped me prepare for each next step. 
Thank you Coach McCosh. I will always remember four years 
of golf team and the good times we had. Congratulations Class 
of 201 1 "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live 
the life you imagined." -Thoreau 


Colleen Carey 

Nicholas Cash 

"I'll make it to the moon if I have to crawl" - Red Hot Chili 
Peppers. Thanks to Mom and Dad you guys have been my big- 
gest support system and I love you very much. Erin, thanks for 
always being there for me and all the memories: Roni Deutch, 
Boston adventures, camp-outs, and badminton. I couldn't have 
asked for a better sister. Kevin, thanks for all the memories 
growing up: Georgia trip, cops & robbers, broken arm, bus 
leader. Good luck with your future. Sarah, words cannot express 
how thankful I am to have you as my best friend! Cumby runs, 
Prom, jettywalks, our talks, football games, 3rd grade. Thanks 
for always being there for me, I love you! PMM, HM, AC, ML. 
Mama & Papa Crosby thanks for everything you both have done 
for me! Good luck Class of 201 1 ! 

Diana Cavicchi 

Kelly Cazeault 

Rebekah Chandler 


Christie Charlie 

Tyler Chasnov 

Lindsey Chen 

Many thanks to my many family members for being my moti- 
vation to stay in school. For those who know who I am, love 
you guys. :| Special thanks to all of those cool, hard-working 
teachers. "Long you live and high you fly /And smiles you'll 
give and tears you'll cry /And all you touch and all you see / 
Is all your life will ever be." - PINK FLOYD 

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight 
in the dog." — "Rocky." I can't say enough about how much 
my family has been there for me. Thank you Mom, Dad, and 
Brett for always being there to give me a helping hand. I love 
you. I can't believe my high school years are already over but 
they were fun while they lasted. Thanks to all my boys for 
everything, just make sure to keep in touch. Lax boys always 
remember to keep over your shoulder. Mom, Dad again I love 
you so much and couldn't do it without you. Thank you for 
everything. Big Bro stay safe. "When time gets tough the tough 
gets going" - unknown. 

Mikayla Hope Colantonio 

Joseph Cook 

Chris Corbo 

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" - 
Dr. Seuss. Mom, Dad and Wayne, Thank you so much for 
everything. You we're always there for me no matter what 
decisions I made. I love you so much. My friends, you girls 
were seriously my everything the last four years. I could go to 
you guys with anything and you'd figure out a way to help me. 
Corefour BED, MEF, JCL, ONN, FMG, LMC, CEM. Lady Eagles 
Volleyball & Tennis (ACL!) Love you ladies. Seniors 201 1 ! It's 
finally over, I'll never forget you guys and all the good times 
we had. Sweet-sixteen party, House Party, Monopoly nights, 
Many nights at kai's, Scavenger hunt, WE LIVE HERE, 27, and 
all the other crazy times we had. The last four years were simply 
amazing. I love you all. 

Thanks to my friends Nick C, David R, losh "Stumpy" Weath- 
erhead, Sarah M, Dave M, Jack M, Larry M, Rich H, Ryan 
"Puma" Strohman, Corey S, Katie Ann Moll, Chris W, Trudy 
B, Chris T, Jared W, Jeff W, Cody Tibbetts (clap clap clap clap 
clap), Eric S, Elijah L, Jack C, Meaghan M, Kim Murphy (for 
all the sandwiches she made) Brandan T, and of course Bryan 
Hayes... DUKZ! 

"I can guide a missile by satellite, by satellite, by satellite and 
I can hit a target through a telescope, through a telescope, 
through a telescope and I can end the planet in a holocaust 
..." — Flobots 
"For All of Mother Russia!" Viktor Reznov 

I would like to thank my mom, dad, and sister for helping me 
with everything. All the good times hanging with mv liens. All 
the times with the KATZ. KATZ for life. Going on mansion trips 
all the time. Going up to Sunday River, and snowboarding .is 
much as possible. Hanging with my boys in the neighborhood 
all the time. Playing North Lacrosse; the first lacrosse team at 
North. It was a good 4 years. Seniors 201 1; living it up. 


Alexander Corthell 

Alycia Corvini 

Liam Cosgrove 

"Life's a journey, not a destination" -Steven Tyler. High school 
has been some journey. Thank you Mom and Dad for helping 
me on this journey. You have given me everything and I would 
not be here today without you. I love you. Andrew, you are 
the best friend anyone could ask for. You mean the world to 
me and thank you for everything. Love you Fuzz. Molly and 
Shannon, we've been Charlie's Angels since kindergarten and 
I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you guys. CC, SC, EA, 
HM, KB- we've had so many good times together and have 
made so many memories I will never forget. PSPA; I love you 
guys, you're the sisters I never had. Aruba. To the class of 2011 , 
congratulations and good luck in everything you pursue! 

"If you'll not settle for anything less than your best, you will 
be amazed at what you can accomplish in your lives." -Vince 
Lombardi. I'll always remember ... Friday night football under 
the lights with all my boys, Evolution with Kevin, Hockey and 
Baseball, Ernie's, Team Dinners, Mohawks, NHL, Gears, Halo, 
and so much more. BAI 12.09.07. Thanks for always being 
there for me. I love you. Special thanks for my Mom and Dad. 
I love you guys. And also thanks to all my coaches, teachers, 
friends, and family. 

Nick Cote 

Mark Cotti 

Alexander Coughlin 

JS NC MK]T BE CD KC EW MD good times. Many thanks to my 
family for supporting me, love you Mom, Dad, Eric, and Adam. 
I wouldn't be the person I am today without you all. Happiest 
when with my friends. Thanks Joe, Nick, Mike, Jon, Ben and 
Cam for being there. I couldn't ask for better friends. 


Sarah Ann Crosby 

Jared Cullivan 

Adam Cuomo 

"Walk the Walk" • anonymous. I wanted to thank my parents 
and sister, without you I wouldn't be who I am today, I love 
you. To my friends, thank you for everything you've done. 
Colleen, you've always been there for me no matter what. I 
love you. CC SR EC BT MB EK DM without you all I would 
never survive. Good time: old man masks, Cumby's, jetty, Dave 
Clark's history class, football game, and so many more. Quotes 
that will live on: "beach" — CC "beep beep!" - SC "Oh" — EC 
"I bruise like a peach" — SC "Bladed fist" — DM. "Franny 
and Phillis <3" — SC & CC "I like it" — SC "Oh hey" — SC 
& CC "Con Con, Sa Sa, Ewin ... the dream team" — CC & 
SC & EC "Google it" — CC & SC. Good Luck Class of 201 1 
... Live It Up! <3 

Chantelle Cyr 

Christopher Davidson 

Morgan Davis 

"We laughed until we had to cry, we loved right down to our 
last goodbye, but over the years we'll smile and recall, lor jusl 
moment we had it all!" — Unknown. Thank you to all of my 
friends who have been there through thick and thin. Mom, 
Dad, Dylan, Griffin, and the rest of my family, thank you for 
supporting me and making me strong. PN Drama Club — old 
and new, you are my second family and made me not afraid 
to be myself, I will never forget all of the memories. Dance 
Team — Love you girls! "LGN!" PN Chorus — "Life's not 
measured by how many breaths you take, but by the moments 
that take your breath away." — Unknown. Best of luck to the 
class of 201 1 ! Seniors Oh Yeah! SV, IS, KS, AD, IT, BG, MC, 


Brian Day 

John Dee 

Favorite saying: looks boss! Favorite quote: "Life is a beach I'm 
just plavin' in the sand" -lil' Wayne. Favorite people: My Family, 
( Kierstead, P. Donnelly, P. Wilson, C. Corbo, C. Robinson, 
T. Barrows, N. Hunt, C. Cunniff, M. Maughan, D. Sinclair, N, 
Cote, N. Day. Memories: the Cabana, long car rides through 
Indian pond, skiing in new hampshire, DQ runsfrom the beach, 
the frosty float at Wendys, pink hats at Wendys, off-roading in 
the F-l 50, ernies 2 for 1 Tuesdays. Happiest when: hanging 
out with my friends, listening to music, with the crew from 
the Gurnet. I would like to thank Mom and Dad for being so 
supportive and Nicole for being a great sister. Thanks to my 
friends, it's been a blast 

Strickly Business- You control the outcome ... it is all on you. 
Some times fighting means that you have to do the one thing 
you don't want to do. You have to fight for his forgiveness. You 
can't just hide here forever. At least I can't. I'm gonna stop this 
guy. Win, lose, it makes no difference. It ends tonight. This is 
my fight. Everyone's got one. Sean Faris, "Never Back Down." 
Favorite People- Michael Cahill- Matt George- Henry Regalado- 
Allan Burgess- VinnyTavernelli- Dan Cabral- Dana Boudreau- 
Justin Maskell- Jeff Synan- Matt Walsh- Matt losephine- Dan 
Gordon- Frank Aguiar- and Jason Burgeron. HPD- Undefeated 
Freshman football season- BYFL- Chillin' with friends- Barking 
with Michael Cahill at half time at Marshfield- All Sports. Hap- 
piest relaxing-chillin' with friends- going to the gym- playing 
Sports. Special thanks to- My Family- My Personal trainers- And 
all my coaches. School Activities- Football-Wrestling- Outdoor 
track and field 

Cameron Degaust 

Emily Delano 

Tyler Demoura 

Brianne DePina 


Brendan Devlin 

Brittany Dhooge 

Brandi Diaz 

Mom, Dad, Ashley and Steve, Thank you so much for every- 
thing you guys have done for me. I love you. PN Softball 
and Volleyball, we've had a good four years. Friends, thank 
you for helping me through everything. MHC, CM, B], DM, 
Corefour "-ends", Scavy, WE LIVE HERE, college road-trip, 
Drive in movies, and all the other good times. Congratula- 
tions Class of 201 1 . 

"Nervous? In 5 billion years the sun will burn out and nothing 
you did will matter. Feel better?" - Sam Halpern. Oh the good 
times!: "Joseph Smith and his FIVVVE associates ... started off 
in NcwYo-hork ...", lonah P4!, Sache status updates, ultimate 
Fnsbee at Brewster Gardens, "Kevin, your AP-ness is showing!", 
portfolio prep profanity, Grampa <3 (the vehicle), and may the 
fourth be with you :). Kevin E., Nellie J., Amera H., Caitlyn P., 
Brendon O., Akiya G., may mother Mary bless your souls, I 
love you all so much! JANICE! 

Samantha Dickson 

Angelica Dinatale 

Gavin Dineen 

"Dreams are hopeless aspirations" — Lisa Lopes. These four 
years of my life went by so fast. I want to thank Mr. Burgess 
for giving me the strength to keep going, even while I was 
down. I also want to thank Mrs. Bilbo for always being there 
for me. Lastly, I would like to thank Ms. Belmonte for accept- 
ing me for who I am. My mom and dad mean everything to 
me and I love you all so much for pushing me to keep going 
for what I believe in. 

I had the best and worst of days at North. This school has brought 
me the best memories and the most trying experiences I rom 
all the talented actors and actresses I've performed beside to 
the athletes I've played with, I thank you. Many people say 
high school is tin.' unrst lime of vuur lite, well I truly believe 
it has shaped us to be the fine people we are today. I wish 
everyone luck especially: B.D. Z.K.T.D. M.C. D.M. LM.Toall 
m\ loved ones particularly my mom, grandparents, and Karen 
thank you lor always supporting and believing in me. We did 
it 201 1 we are finally done. 


Patrick Donnelly 

Kevin Dory 

"Some days wouldn't be special, if it wasn't for rain. Joy 
wouldn't feel so good, if it wasn't for the pain. Death gotta be 
easy, 'cause life is hard. It'll leave you physically, mentally, and 
emotionally scarred" 50 Cent. Thank you Mom, Dicky, Ted, 
Will, Emily, and Lucy. KATZ for life. I'll never forget all the good 
times I had with the KATZ and everybody else. Pool parties, 
Hami Iton's house, rides to the mansions, Corboitus, Chad offs, 
Swimming across the pond, Corbo's house, claymore kid, Let 
'em fly boys, we got op because you're going down. "I love 
snowboarding, but 1 would never want to do it competitively" 
Tony Hawk. I love the KATZ and will always remember the 
good times. Meow Meow Meow KATZ. 

Allison Dries 

Thank you to Mom, Dad, and Robby for always supporting me 
and putting up with me these past eighteen years. It's been a 
long journey, and you need to know how much I appreciate 
everything you do. I love you guys. To all my friends, we've 
had so many great times. I know I would not be who I am 
today without you guys. You know who you are. To my cross 
country girls, our experiences together have brought us closer 
in ways no one else will ever understand. I will miss you all. 
To anyone I might have missed, in sports or music or anything 
else, thank you. "Who can say if I've been changed for the 
better, but, because I knew you, I have been changed for 
good" - Stephen Schwartz Wicked 

Brendan Duggan 

Kayla Durand 

Jennifer Dwyer 

"Celebrate we wi II because life is short but sweet for certain" — 
DMB. Mom and Dad thank you for your support and everything 
you have done for me. I couldn't have done it without you. 
(.hi and Conor - thanks for all your help over the years. My 
boys: you know who you are, stay trappin. PN soccer, Roth's, 
Hamilton's, Cove life, UMASS.CVT, Summer '09 '10, sesh's all 
day, DMB, S.F. close calls, Dan's, Dmac's, The Cabana, OAR. 
"In the end my friend we will all be together again." - O.A.R. 
It's U en ii. i! c lass of 201 1 


Benjamin Eaton 

Kevin Edson 

Bootieng Eggleston 

Ctve thanks to my family and friends. You att never gave up 
on me, no matter what i did. good or bad even though vou at! 
wanted to take turns demolishing me like a pinata. especially 
my mom and dad. Thanks for standing beside me from the 
beginning to end, love you two! K.S. my right hand girl, always 
and will be there no matter what the situation is. My boys that 
are supposed to be in the class of 201 1 -good times. You are all 
still graduates to me. My teachers, thanks for everything you've 
done for me, especially room 210. Class of '11, it finally has 
come, the many years of stress has paid off. We are all winners. 
Have a great future. P.S. Hope I graduate ... but I will! 

Mary Faraday 

Brian Fasanello 

Thomas Faucett 


Brianna Fazio 

Shannon Fernando-Cole 

Brittney Fitzpatrick 

Four years have passed. People have changed, but one thing 
will slav the same. "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery, 
and today? Today is a gift, that's why we call it the present." 
- Unknown. I know I couldn't have made it this far without 
.1 few people. Mary, for as long as I can remember you have 
stood by me and been my best friend. Kirsten for always being 
there and dancing everyday of our lives together we became 
so close, thank you. I love you both. Perry Wilson you have 
given me some of the most amazing days of my life and 
made me stronger <3 thank you. To my family I love you and 
Mikey I wish you luck with the next three years. Live laugh 
love class of 201 1 because whoever said to act mature never 
knew how to have fun. 

Mom & Dad- Thank you for all your love & support throughout 
the years. Sean- thanks for all the laughter and help, big bro. 
MSOD <3 love you girls, thanks to the teachers as well, I'll 
never forget you. Dance, cafe club, drama club '1 0, drumline/ 
marching band, band camp — gts. "Never settle" — |T Sarno, 
thank you for not only teaching me about drumline but about 
life too. To my friends: KB, MC, EA, |R, KS, EK, KC Sexy Six <3 
and so many others, thanks for making these past four years 
the best, love you all. "And in the end, it's not the years in your 
life that count. It's the life in your years." — Abraham Lincoln. 
Congrats class of 201 1, we did it! It's been fun, thanks (or all the 
memories. Good luck in your future. Farewell PNHS '1 1 


Samantha Flowers 

Eric Thomas Foley 

Kellianne Forsberg 

I'd like to thank my parents, sisters, & friends. I wouldn't be 
here without you. DZ, AB, EG, LB, RM,CF, NH, DB.Jojo thanks 
for everything. R|M always in my heart. High School has been 
crazy, but we finally made it. Summer 10, prom, skitrip 1 1, 
white horse, cruising downtown, homecoming @ Ems, Friday 
night football, Ernies + MCD's, fatty bangas! Thanks for the 
memories. I love you all <3 "One day you'll grow up one day 
you'll walk out in this big world on your own. And they'll be 
(lavs that you'll heart will break & you'll swear all your strength 
is gone. Then you'll find a way to carry on, heaven knows that 
it's a crazy ride." - M. Branch. Congratulations 1 1 ! I wish all of 
you the best of luck. It's been real, keep it classy. Xo <3 

It's been real here at PN and it has given me so many memories. 
I wanna say thanks to all my friends NC, IG, CM, MG, IS, AO. 
We had some great times and we have some unforgettable 
quotes we will never forget. Like when Ian said "You Know 
You Good Guy" or when Adam said "Shut up your mom gives 
you everything". Then there were all the times we all would go 
toTaco Bell or just chill. Then I wanna say thanks to my sister 
Lauren who did most of my HW. I also wanna say thanks to my 
dogTassie, meand her had the best of times. Miss Manley thanks 
for being a great teacher and mentor you're awesome. Then to 
the class of 201 1 "Don't cry because its over, smile because it 
happened" - Dr. Suess. Mom & Dad thanks 4 life. 


Brittany Louise Freeman-Hayden 

Courtney Furtado 

Katelin Furtado 

"When shall I become like the swallow, that I may cease to 
be voiceless?" T.S. Eliot 

Marissa Gallagher 

Emily Garcia 

Jason Gardner 

I would first I ike to thank everyone who has helped me through 
the years. I'll never forget all the people I've met and the impact 
they've made. I wouldn't have made it without the love and 
support of my family, love you guys! I'll always remember the 
footba 1 1 games, Tuesdays at Ern ie's, bei ng crowned prom queen , 
summer nights, fires, and parties. My friends, I will love vou 
guys forever; L.B., S.F., A.B., K.S., R.M., C.F., D.B., A.B., |.B., 
and the rest of my girls! "Be who you are and say what you 
feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who 
matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss We made it guys! Good lui k 
and I wish everyone the best! Let's get it! 

Kaitlan Garland 

Adrianna Rose Garrett 

"Glory days well they'] I pass you by, glory clays in the blink of 
a young girls eye, glory days" Bruce Springsteen wrote about 
his glory days and I believe Plymouth North holds mine. My 
days here shaped me into the athletic, leader, and student I 
am today. Thank you to all the teachers who added to my 
success. Mom and Dad- special thanks for all your support 
and sacrifices over the years. I couldn't have done anything 
without you. Caroline- you'll forever be my laughter. AB, ML, 
MC, HD, MF, FG, you all mean so much to me and I will miss 
you all so much. <3 CJH, you are my best friend and my love. 
Good luck next year. <3 For all others unmenlioned, you all 
have made this fun and I'll never forget. )ust always remember 
these glory days! 

Jack Garvin 

"What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out." Alfred Hitch- 
cock. Thanks to all the members — cast and crew- of the PNHS 
Drama Club. Each performance has left great memories that I 
will cherish forever. Ms. Fallon — thanks! You never lost your 
confidence in us during those long, late afternoons and eve- t 
nings of rehearsals. "Sensitive, responsive, eagerly welcomed I 
everywhere, the drama, holding the mirror up to nature, by ^ 
laughter and by tears reveals to mankind the world ol men." 
George P. Baker. Good luck to the Class of 201 1 

Michael Genduso 

"If you love her, she's not your baby, she's your darling. She's 
not hot, she's beautiful. You don't want her, you need her. Her 
happiness supersedes your own." - me. High school seemed 
to start off so slow, and sped up exponentially. It went way 
too fast, but I enjoyed the ride. Some awesome people I know, 
AK, |S, EF, IG, CM, NC. I'll never forget the raccoon falling 
through the portables. Plymouth North never disappoints. 
Thank you family and friends for all you've done! "The poor 
long for riches, the rich long for heaven, but the wise desire 
tranquility." - Swami Rama 

Kariane Gentry 

Danielle George 

"Memories are a way of holding onto the things you love, the 
things you are, the things you never want to lose." -The Wonder 
Years. Family and friends- there are no other people I'd want 
to share my memories with; I love you guys. 



Matthew George 

Nicholas Giard 

Brendan Gill 

Shawn Glazier 

Cody Gleason 

Akiya Goler 

Good limes, good times. Kinda ... 
P.S. Not the child ot darkness! Thanks! 


Erica Gonsalves 

Florence Gonsalves 

Cara Goodman 

"Long live the mountains we moved; I had the time of my life 
with you" - Taylor Swift Thank you Mom and Dad for your 
unwavering support and encouragement, I love you. To my girls, 
thank you for the memories, laughs, and adventures. You've 
reminded me everyday it's not where you are but who you're 
with that matters. KG, ML, KM, KD: I couldn't have asked for 
better best friends, I love you. AC: I'm glad we could be part 
of this together; I won't forget you. PN: These past few years 
have been wonderful. I wouldn't change them for the world. 
And Class of 20!!, I hope you've got your shades, cause the 
future's so bright you're gonna need 'em. 

Daniel Gordon 

Briane Gorton 

Derek Grabhorn 


"Shoot for the moon even if you miss you'll land among the 
stars." — Brian Littrell I would like to thank Mom and Dad for 
all their love, support, and guidance over the past 18 years. 
Danny - you are an awesome brother and my hero. Co Navy 
* Sophie - best of luck in high school, I know you will do 
awesome. To the rest of my family - thank you and I love you 
all!! A special thanks to teachers Mrs. Shirley, Mrs. Anderson, 
Mrs. Bilbo, Mrs. C, Ms. McGee, and Mr. Burgess. Thank you 
to all my friends for all the great times and the many laughs: 
such as 6th grade, chorus class, the musicals, gym class 
freshmen year, and late night trips to Wal Mart. To the Class 
of 2011 -We did it!! 

Thank you to my Mom, my Dad, my brother and my friends. I 
will never forget my experiences and memories from Plymouth 
North. NTosi. MLane. DSmith. MCeorge. 

Ian Grant 

Nicole Grassi 

Barbara Grogoza 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life 
you have imagined" - Henry David. Mom, dad, Cody, Joie, 
and Kylie, thank you for everything you do for me, you mean 
the world to me. Amanda, I could not have made it through 
everything without you, your the twin I was born without. 
Thanks for all the memories and all those still to come, I love 
you to death. Alii and Ashley, I love you both, thanks for all 
the fun times. Jazzy, thanks for being a great friend and help- 
ing me not struggle at basketball. Basketball girls and Coach 
Coffin, the last four years have been such a great experience 
and I'm going to miss you all dearly. Class of 201 1 , goodbye 
and good luck! 

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie 
burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being 
strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe 
that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow 
is another day and I believe in miracles" -Audrey Hepburn Bio 
Quadrant "A big gaping wound" "That's MY plate" Summers at 
the cottage and midnight swims "last time I wason this dock..." 
Waffle Hut! "nope that's my leg" "wow excellent" Doodle (The 
Fabulously British Thing) NaNoWriMo "you fwocheatyou can 
read minds" HMUN unmoderated nap? You know who you are 
love you all! Thank you for always being there, Mumzie Moo 
Moo. Congrats Class of 201 1 we did it ... Finally! 




Sarah Guevremont 


Josh Hamblin 

"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, it means 
that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections." — 
Unknown. Homecoming, Prom, Oktoberfest, Senior Show, 
Halloween, Senior Hallway, Hypnotist, Football and Basket- 
ball Games, PN Cheerleading, & Peer Mentors. Thanks to all 
of my friends and family who have supported me through 
everything. Especially Thank You to Mom & Dad. Good Luck 
Seniors of 201 1 ! 

VY, jC, CR, MG, CT, JW, KM, CF. SB, KO, BM, AR, BG, CP, EF, 
KC9/4, 3/7 4/3, 6/29 I remember: Winter Percussion, Berklcr, 
jammin' with the boys, nights out on the rock, Allentown, 
movie nights, sectionals, Martha's Vineyard, fires, playing at 
pep rallies, the state forest and the explorer, the start ol main 
great things "And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, 
eventually" — Jimi Hendrix 


Derrell Hampton 

Shane Harrington 

Brittany Hathaway 

I am happy that I was in PNHS. Favorite rapper: is Lil Wayne. 
Favorite people: family and friends. Thanks to: my teachers; 
Mrs. Sampson (Ma), Ms. Cole, and Miss C. You helped me the 
most and I am thankful for that. I will try to keep in touch with 
them. I will miss you all! 

I have to start off by thanking my family. Mom, Dad, Steve, 
Fallyn, thank you guys for all the support you have given me 
through the years. I wouldn't have been able to do it without 
you guys. I love all of you. Shout out to all the boys on the 
hockey team, and all my boys that I've played with throughout 
the years. I've had some of the best times with you guys. I wish 
all the best for you boys. TO ALL MY DOCS IN THE TRAP. 
What's the deal my ninjas? So gassed this is our last year chillin', 
Where'd all the time go? Shout out to the sesh. YAAAUUP, 
STRAIGHT. CVT cruises. Constantly calling in, haha. RIP to 
the )CC. Stay bumpin'. I'm StR8 with that. Not even gassin' it 
up good luck to everyone. Keep it 100. 

Caitlyn Healey 

Maura Hecht 

Nichole Hicks 

"don't forget your history nor your destiny" - Bob Marley. 
thank you Dad, |en, Ryan, Gram & Pa for the past 1 7 years. I 
love you. JM, LS, |M, BF, OK, LR, BC, SQ, ED- Thanks for the 
memories, math class freshman year, english sophomore year, 
lunch junior year, gym class senior year, new hampshire07' & 
08', N.Y. 09', six flags, homecoming. Mrs. Mcgee thank you 
for being there with me through thick and thin I wouldn't have 
been able to make it through senior year without you. 

Mom and Dad, thank you both so much for all the love and 
support. I could not have asked for anything more, I love you j 
to the stars. Pal, high school goes by fast so enjoy every minute, 
love you! My girls, you know who you are. Thank you for the 
love, support, and all the memories over the years! I love you! 
To the rest of my friends, I'll never forget all the amazing times, 
thanks! Soccer girls, it's been fun! I love you and I'll ini^s w>u 
all! ACL Champs 08' + 09'! "Twenty years from now you'lB 
be more disappointed in the things you didn't do than the! 
things you did. So throw off the bowlines sail awa> from the 
safe harbor, and catch the trade wind-, in vour sails I \plore. 
Dream, Discover." — Mark Twain. Chase your dreams i lass 
of 201 1 ! Good luck in everything you dol Xoxo 


Graham Higgins 

Rose Hogan 

Richard Hollinshead 

There's going to be a lot of peopleto remember from this alreadv 
large part ofour lives. I can't look back and think I have wasted 
anv of my time, for every minute spent with friends and loved 
ones was amazing. The knowledge I have gained about this 
beautiful yet crazy world I want to carry with me forever and 
offer to others to improve their lives. I have learned a lot about 
myself, what I am capable of and what I have to offer to better 
this world. My friends are the most interesting, insane people I 
have met. I would give mv life for them as well as my family. 
I want to thank my friends for all the great times MM, CT, |M, 
LM, |W, TB, |C ]V NC, KM, RS, JW, KM, EC. Thank you mom 
for all you have done. "Some people spend their entire lifetime 
wondering if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have 
that problem". - President Ronald Reagan 1958. 

Nicole Holmes 

Brooke leronimo 

Holly Ivkovic 

Mom Dad and Greg thank you for everything, for always 
being there, for your support and for putting up for me. You 
mean the world to me and I would be nothing without you. 
You've made me the person I am today. To my friends, we've 
had countless memories, and so many more are to come. 
Plymouth North field hockey, there is no other way I'd want 
to spend my fall season. As for Softball, we've had so many 
laughs. I'm going to miss you girls. "Every man dies. Not every 
man lives" — Braveheart 


Holley Jackson 

Favorite quote- "1 am strengthened by my weaknesses. I am brave 
because of my fears. I am greater because of my mistakes. Life 
goes on, forget the past" - Unknown. Favorite People- Christine 
Bartlett and Kevin Jackson. Happiest when- when I'm with my 
family and tnends just hanging out. Thank you to my parents, 
Christine Bartlett and Kevin lackson. My brothers. My cousin 
Jamie Scully. My aunt Trish Jackson and her daughter Isabella. 
My grandparents and my best friend Danielle Boiros. I love 
you all. Thank you for always being there for me. 

Nellie Johnson 

Taylor Jonak 

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi Favorite 
people: BD AC BO KE And all the Janice Crew. Many thanks 
to my Mom, Dad and Gavin. Also, all my friends who were 
there for me through it all. 

"To know even one life has breathed easier because you have 
lived, this is to have succeeded." - Bessie A. Stanley. Mom, 
Dad, Travis, Amy & Zack- Thank you for always being there for 
me. MG, GR, AS, CP, KP- Love you girls! 12/1/08, OBX, Cali, 
9/4/10. "Don't let your dreams be dreams." - Jack Johnson. 
Good luck class of 201 1 . Never forget. 


S — ' 

Cody Patrick Jones 

William Jordan 

Nicholas James Kaiser 

I am a really happy that I will be done with school. Favorite 
people: Idol, Lil Wayne, and my mom. Thank you mom for 
being there for me throughout my whole 1 2 years of schooling. 
Thank you to my beautiful girlfriend. I will keep in touch with 
my friends when I leave! 

Friends: JB, RC, MY, JB, CK, PW, SL Thank you: Mom, Dad, 
Colby, |J. Love you. Quote: "It is not truth that matters, but 
vii ic iry." AH. PNHS memories: 2010 march madness champs, 
Jr. yr. gym, 2009-2010 JV baseball, dropping 30 vs. Nauset, 
meeting Shannon ... yay. Childhood memories: JB and me Mr. 
Tass's class 2nd grade, RC hit by ruler, DMJD, Mr.Goding's 74 
grade, B-room runs, JD and me, Mr. loyce tub grade. MY IB, 
PSMS2007.Best< lass:7thgradeMrs Bachman.MY.DM.CM, ; 
BK. Never Forget: Asking Shannon il she wanted my number 
and she said, "No." Thank you for so mm h you do. 

Samantha Kapolis 

John Kelleher 

Michael Kenyon 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Ethan, Cody, friends and everybody else 
tor making these past lour years much easier than they should 
have been. "We are still the masters of our fate. We are still 
the captains of our souls" -Winston Churchill 

The last four years have gone bv way too fast. It feels like just 
other day I was a freshman. I would like to start by thanking 
my mom and dad because I couldn't have made it this far 
without them. Lauren and ]oel I truly appreciate everything 
you have done for me and the example you set for the way I 
should live my life. To all of my friends, thank you for all the 
good times we've had and good luck with everything. "A man 
is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes" 
■ Mohandas Gandhi 

Chad Kierstead 

Cameron Kingsbury 

Erin Kirby 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Nathan, losh and the rest of my family 
for helping me and supporting me through everything. Good 
times with all my friends, and good times on our rides to the 
ijansions. JOIO march madness champs. Meredith line 
you. Special thanks to the hockey team for all the memories 
on and off the ice. 

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if vou'll die today.' - 
lames Dean. To my parents, Charlie, and Lisa: I couldn't ask 
for a better family. I wouldn't be who I am todav without \ i >u 
Shane, I can't thank vou enough for everything you've done 
for me. You're the best. To AC, JH, TV, DM, JR, HW, CP, PD, 
SF, FS, CB. HCL, and the Sexy 6 (MC, KK, SFC, SL & TDI: I am 
so grateful to have you all in my life. Thank you for everything. 
And to Little Papa: you \mII always be a part of me. I miss 
you more than anything. Rest in Peace. 7/9/46-6/2/1 0. Thank 
you all for making this a fantastic A years of high school. I'll 
niAi'i torget this. 


Audrianna Kivlin 

Zachary Kneeland 

Kristianna Knisley 

"Now finding things you didn't know-The walls start breath- 
ing, my minds unweaving" - All American Rejects. All my life 
I've wondered where I will end up and where I will be in the 
years to come. When you find something you didn't know, 
then it's just another chance to learn. You can never let the fear 
of the game strike you out. One memory I will never forget 
is growing up and having a recital every June, usually on my 
birthday. They say there is a bit of insanity in dancing that does 
everybody a great deal of good. I'm most happiest when I can 
be myself, and when I am around my family. I couldn't thank 
them enough for all that they have done for me. Cheerleading, 
NFTE, Dance, Allied Heath, Skills USA. A.L. J.D. M.C. Y.S. K.S. 
B.H. j.R. j.A. CO. C.B.M. <3 

"I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand what I am 
saying" Oscar Wilde. Favorite memory: All the times I made 
a fool of myself in gym class. Favorite People: MC, JR, JM, 
BD, TM, DM, DM, CM, NC, EF, SI. Many thanks to all my 
friends and family. 

Kendall Kolb 

Olivia Krakowski 

Danielle Kumor 

"Imperfection is beauty madness is genius and it's better to 
be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring" — Marilyn 
Monroe. Thanks to the friends who made life absolutely: S.V. 
K.C. CD. M.C. j.S. B.E. N.C M.D. C.V. K.W. I love you guys! 
Mom, Dad and Sean I don't know what I would do without 
you and I'm going to miss you so much. Field Hockey and 
Tennis Team you guys made all the practices and long bus 
rides fun. Sexy 6, you managed to make taking Spanish 5 
the best idea ever. From junior prom to just hanging out 
with friends all these memories will be with me forever. Hey 
seniors, we made it. 

"Stay far from timid, only make moves if ya hearts in it, and 
live by the phrase sky's the limit" - Wiz Khalifa. We finally did 
it! I couldn't of made it w/out: Mom, Dad, Saada, Relly, Sissy, 
my family & friends- Lindsey, Jinqui, Hooch, Caite, Jess, and 
so many more! I love you all! Mrs. Naper, I definitely couldn't 
of done it w/out your help. Thanks for helping me achieve my 
biggest accomplishment so far of getting my CNA! I'll never 
forget our Allied Health family! Best of luck Class of 201 1! 
Deuceds Plymouth North! 


Ashley Labbe 

Jocelyn Labrecque 

Ashley Lambert 

Life has thrown many obstacles my way! It only made me 
stronger as a person however I couldn't have done it without 
my friends. All my happiest memories of high school include 
them. Audry, Holley, Emily, Steph, and Kayla you were always 
there. I will hold the good times in allied health and theatre 
close to my heart. The only advice I give to my senior class is 
to keep your friends close, true friends will always stand by 
you! "Live life fully while you're here. Experience everything. 
Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, 
be weird. Don't try to be perfect" - Anthony Robbins. I will 
never forget my experience at Plymouth North! Thank you to 
all of my teachers! 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty 
of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt. Thank you to all my 
friends and family, I don't know where I would be with out 
you. PN field hockey, I'm going to miss you girls. Stay classy 
class of 2011. 

Meredith Elizabeth Lane 

Jack Lapsley 

Sarah Lapsworth 

"Do one thing everyday thatscares you. "-BazLuhrmann. I love 
you, Mom, for giving me confidence & encouraging me to be 
my independent self. Dad, for giving me drive & never under- 
estimating my potential. Pat, for giving me competition. I look 
up to you more than you know. KPM, for giving me inspiration 
and spirit. FMC, for giving me passion and guidance. KBD, for 
giving me heart and loyalty. CMK, for giving me patience and 
love. DLC, for giving me honesty and acceptance. 


Stephen Lentini 

Jennifer Lyn Lento 

Samantha Levangie 

"Everythingthat ever walked or crawled on the faceof the earth, 
swum the depths of the ocean or soared through the skies left 
its imprint here." - Robert M. Fresco. Thank you to my friends, 
family, Mrs. C, and Mr. Burgess. I couldn't have done it without 
you guys, love you. Good luck class of 201 1 ! 

Molly Liolios 

Shannon Lloyd 

Alex Lowe 

I am happy and thankful to all the teachers and students who 
have been there for me. Thanks to PNHS for their support 
for the past four years. Favorite bands: Lmkin Park and Three 
Days Grace. Favorite sport: Football (of course! 1 Favorite video 
games: Madden and Halo. Thank you lo: my teachers, friends, 
mom, and family. 


John Lutz 

Doug Maccaferri 

Jessica Marie Mackenzie 

I would not have made it anywhere if it wasn't for my mom, 
my sister and my family. I would also like to acknowledge all 
my old teachers and friends. You all taught me many things 
and I am very grateful. I wish everyone the best of luck as we 
venture into the world each leaving our own unique mark. 
Best of luck class of 201 1 I'm going to miss it all. "When you 
talk you repeat what you already know .... When you listen 
you often learn something." - Jared Sparks P.S. Thanks mom 
for waking me up all these years. Bringing me to school if I 
missed the bus. Picking me up from school after getting out of 
an extended for being late. You are an awesome mom!!! 

"Stand for something or you'll fall for anything." -Anonymous. 
Thank you Mom and Poppy for being there and always helping 
me. I'll miss you two while I'm at college. Pat, Lucy, Charlotte, 
and Madeline, I love you guys. I wish I had a nickel for every 
time you four made me laugh or smile. Thanks for being the 
best siblings I could have asked for. Kev, you're the man. Also, 
thanks to all of the teachers and administrators who made 
the last four years possible. "A no uttered from the deepest 
conviction is far greater than a yes uttered merely to please." 
• Mahatma Gandhi 

"We grow neither better nor worse as we get old, but more like 
ou rselves."- Margaret Lamberton Favorite Saying: What is this?, 
Jessicaaa, kids gone. Favorite People: CH, SCSG, RG.ID, CD, 
MC, JB, ZK, BE, SW. Memories: Jonsie, Mr. Flip, ManUGGS, 
shoeswaps, NH, NY, Ms. Manley's class, smiley faces, and 
turtles. Many Thanks: My parents for always encouraging me, 
my family and my papa; I miss you and love you. Thank you 
for helping me see how strong I can be and how beautiful lite 
is when you fully embrace it. 

Hannah Macleod 

David Maniero 

Jacqui Mann 

Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout my 
whole lite. You all mean the world to me. Mom and dad, love 
you. Rachel, thanks for being a great influence and someone 
who I will always look up to. MS, KR, KW, KS, AB, SF, KW, 
BF, OS, SR, RM, EG, LB, MD, AS, and more. My danceteam 
girlies, you all know who you are. Continue to hold the great 
reputation we have. LGN. Mamma, Grammy, and Gramps, 
thanks so much, love you all. Dinners in Boston, dance camp, 
parties, homecomings, lasting memories. Class of 201 1, enjoy 
your next journey. Strive to reach your greatest potential. Just 
like Oprah said, "the best of times is now." 


Tyler Marcotte 

Cody Martin 

Holly Martz 

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. 
Character iswhatyou really are. Reputation is what people say 
you .ire'' - |ohn Wooden. Thanks to my teachers and coaches. 
Mr. Urann and our Cribbage showdowns. Mr. Perlow and 
your sense of humor. Mr. Hales for your Red Sox pride. Coach 
McCosh thank you for everything. To my family, Mom, A) and 
Dad thank you for your motivation and always being there for 
me. Amanda and Kyle, I love you both. National Honor Society, 
PN Varsity golf team x4 and PN baseball. Well class of 201 1 
we finally did it! Good Luck to all of you! 

High school has been fun. I've made life long friends and^ 
learned valuable lessons. I would like to thank my Mom and 
Dad for being there. My brother for being a crazy spaz. All of 
my friends and my teachers. I have many memories of fun times 
at drama club and playing field hockey with my friends. I won't 
forget play ingQuidd itch in gym or making an epic video about 
the Alamo sophomore year. Lots of love to Britney Paton since 
we've been going to the same school since second grade. I 
intend to branch out and do something unique. In the words of 
Charlie McDOnald, "It's good to do something a bit odd once 
in a while." Good luck Plymouth North. DFTBA! 

Justin Maskell 

Kyle Maynard 

Amanda Jane McDonald 

Mom, Jen, Emily, and Samantha, thank you for all ol your 
endless love and support. Nicole, thank you for being my 
third sister, my other half, and my partner in crime. Love you! 
Alii and Ashley, high school wouldn't have been the same 
without you girls. I have the best friends anyone could ash 
for. Ricky, thanks lor always being there. I'm so luck\ in h.ue 
you in my life. Good luck class of 201 1 ! "Co confidently in 
the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined 
- Henry David Thoreau 


Erin McDonald 

Kacey McMahon 

Holly McNeely 

MiKayla Medeiros 

Fatima Mena 

Cody Merritt 

"Friendship ... is not something you learn in school. But if you 
haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't 
learned anything." - Muhammad Ali. I'm so thankful to all 
my friends, my teachers and my classmates. I'm so thankful 
to anyone that smiles to me, to anyone that gave me the hand 
of help and stand by my side when I needed them. You are all 
special to me and I will never forget you. Cod bless you all. 

"For every dark night, there's a brighter day." - Tupac Shakur. 
MOM DAD MCKENZIE and IENN thank you for everything I 
love you. SYDNEY I love you. PN Football these four years have 
gone by too quick. Thanks to all my friends I'm going to miss 
you guys. Freshmen Football 11-0. AUNTIE JENNY, UNCLE 
BRIAN, SCOTTY and BRITTNEY thank you for everything I 
love you. Tailgate Crew G4L Shock the world. 


Rachael Milroy 

Katie-Ann Moll 

Larkin Adam Moneyhun 

*We live lor the nights we'll never forget with the friends we'll 
always remember." - unknown. AB, CF, |B, SF, LB, EC, ON, SL, 
DB. Thanks tor all the laughs, the memories and unforgettable. 
Football games, homecomings, prom 1 0', white horse, beach 
nights, ski trip 10'. Tyler, love you always. Mom and dad- I 
couldn't do it without you guys, Meg and Mark- Thanks for 
always looking out for me, I love you guys. "So just love, make 
mistakes, and have wonderful times, but never second guess 
who you are, where you have been, and most importantly, 
where it is you are going." - Sex and the City. Congratulations 
class of 201 I ' we made it! 

"It takes great courage to see the world in all its tainted glory, 
and still to love it. And even more courage to see it in the one 
you love" - Oscar Wilde. Thank you Mom and Dad for sup- 
porting me through these past 1 8 years. Thank you my friends, 
for bei ng there for me i n the past as wel I as the future. "There's 
so much beauty in a storm So come down with me to the shore 
And what's more, I adore you" - La Dispute 

I just want to take this moment to thank the family that has 
dealt with me all these years and my friends that have stood 
by my side. 


Clare Moore 

Chris Morse 

Sarah Moscone 

Some days wouldn't be special if it wasn't for rain. Joy wouldn't 
feel so good if it wasn't for pain- Curtis Jackson. I wouldn't 
have made it to where I am without my friends or family by 
my side. Through the tough times and the good times, I will 
always be able to say I love you all. 


Jack Murphy 

Lawrence Murphy 

Conor Murphy 

"To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffer- 
ing" DMX Favorite people: Rich H, Joe Cook, Josh W, Kyle M, 
Cody T, Ryan S, Chris D, Chris T, Josh V, Nick C. Memories: 
all the years of wrestling, time with the DUKZ and spending 
time in the wood shop. 

Jayson Naidoo 

These four years went by too fast. One minute I was walking 
from the portables with no clue where my next class was to 
walking down the aisle on Pretty Day. There are too many limes to list, from |ust hanging out on weekend nights to 
prom. To the coaches and players of Plymouth North football, 
thank you for four great seasons. Spring track and field was 
always a great sport for me. I'd like to give special thanks to 
Coach Laverty for his endless support and encouragement. My 
family has always meant a lot to me: Mom, Dad, Robert, and 
grandparents. Thank you for everything you have done, I love 
you. I would like to thank my teachers and all those who helped 
me along the way. I'll miss all my friends. I wish the Class of 
'1 1 good luck with college and the life beyond. 

Olivia Natola 

IH / • 4 

Stephen Ness 


Brendon O'Brien 

You i an reall) find the most extraordinary things in life when 
you take the time to enjoy the simple things, that's when you 
realize how beautiful life really can be. Thank you Mom, 
Dad, and Nichole for your support through everything, love 
you guys!!! laniceCrew, thank you for all the great memories, 
NJ, AC, KM, BD, CP. AH, KB, SQ |A, and many more Keep 
in touch! I love and appreciate you all! Ava Rose McLaughlin 
¥ 1 0. 1 7. 1 our blessing. You may not always end up where you 
thought you would go, but you will always end up where you 
were meant to be. Stay true to yourself and never change. Live 
life to the fullest and love as much as you breathe. Congrats 
Class of 201 1 , we made it! 

Britney Paton 

Allison Pejouhy 

Many thanks to: Mom, Dad, Cam, all my wonderful friendsJ 
family, and teachers for all their love and support over th> 
years. Memories: pep rallies, Plymouth North Biuus, Rachel' 
Challenge, homecomings, and prom. Happiest when j 
dancing at MSOD, going to the beach, spending time wit! 
friends, shopping, being at Disney, or traveling. "LaughJ 
is timeless---, Imagination has no age — , And dreams ami 
forever" - Walt Disney 

Anthony Perry 

Amelia Petrell 

Sam Pickett 

I can honestly say that I've met some people here at North i 
who I'll love for the rest of my life. I'm thankful to the moon 
and back for them, for my family, and for my teachers 
More grateful than I could ever put into words. And now I 
can only say this: "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because 
it happened." - Dr. Seuss. 


Kyle Powers 

Caitlyn Pozerski 

Katherine Pradhan 

'You go inside the cage. Cage goes in the water. You go in the 
water, sharks in the water." - Quint laws. Mechanical sharks. 
Aliens. Mom and Dad, thanks for everything. Megan, I don't 
care how much we fight, I love you. Tentacles. Ben Dover's 
cut slip. Thanks to the Gills for letting me live at your house 
for 10 years. Kaitlan, you're my oldest friend, lets keep it that 
way. The science class with 8 different teachers. MMC-PMG- 

Favorite Quote: "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted" 
- John Lennon. Happiest When: No homework is assigned. 
Many Thanks to: My parents and teachers for their continuous 
support. School Activities: Band, Softball. Favorite Memory: 
lunior Prom 


Zach Prifti 

Erika G. Prince 

Whitney Pumphret 

Thank you Mom and Dad for being there through out my whole 
high school career. It would not have been the same without 
your push. I'm going to miss you guys next year, I love you 
both. Thank you Coach Follette for everything you have done 
for me. My best friends Liam, Danny Mac, Synan, Walsh. We 
have had some crazy nights together, always been there for 
each other I'm going to miss you boys, Love you all. lake and 
Mike you have been really supportive brothers while I was in 
high school. Jake enjoy the rest of it, Mike it'll be here before 
you know it. I will miss you guys next year. Kacey, I love you. 
Thank you for making my high school career so special "I iv<- 
or let die party get bye." - Danny mac. 

"What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do 
something remarkable?" -)ohn Green. Memories: Homecoming 

2010, summer parties, positive prank war, prom, field hoi key 
team dinners. Mom, Dad, and John, thanks for everything-you 
guys rock. To my girls-thanks for all the fun times we've had, 
for all the laughs, and for keeping me sane. You ladies air 
truly cool beans. Activities: Lit Mag, SADD, math team, NHS, 
FOR. Best of luck to you, Eagles, and most importantly, don't 
forget to be awesome. 

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted." - |ohn Lennon. 
Favorite People- Stephen, Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa, Kelsey, Aunt 
( ,ii i >l,Maynard,|ocelyn. Memories- Working at Cold Stone for 
my whole life. Happiest When- I'm with Stephen ... or taking 
a long nap after school. Special Thanks To- Papa, raking the 
leaves made me learn hard work. - Nana, love you girl. - Mom, 
Dad and Kelsey, we are such a funny little family unit, and I 
love you guys thank you so much for everything, 


Stephanie Quartucci 

Henry Regalado 

Nicole Rego 

II you arc luikv enough to be different from everyone else, 
don't change." -Taylor Swift 

A special thanks to: B.O.B, SR, ED, CH, AL, BC, and my 
family. Thank you everyone for your love and supporting me 
through all the years. I would also like to thank the teachers 
as well, such as Mrs. Bilbo, Mrs. McCee, Mrs. C, and Mrs. 
Webster. Thank you to all who have helped me get to where 
I am today! I will miss you. 

Memories: Dances, Sleepovers, Concerts, Birthday parlies, 
and Sophomore English class!! 
Happiest when: I am with my friends and family 
Congrats 201 1 we finally made it!!! 

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, irf 
yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be*- 
Source Unknown Thanks to my family and friends especiallj 
my Mom, Dad and, my sister, Crystal. Your support given ta| 
me through the years helped in many ways. 

Johanna Rehlander 

Scott Ringuette 

Amy Riordan 



Alyssa Roach 

Colin Robinson 

Jennifer Ruth Robinson 

'First rule never lei them change you. Rule two do you to the 
ullest and never be ashamed to. You're just too good at what 
hey can't do. And they hate that, they wanna paint you in they 
:olor put you on another. But what they don't accept, and what 
don't see, the best thing is what you already be." - Lupe Fiasco. 
iarah Lapworth, Kelley Wood and Amanda Shea; could not 
lave done it without you girls. Also thanks to )M, KR, ]L, KW, 
WP, JM, BD, JC, CR. Mom and Dad, thank you for never giving 
up on me. always encouraging me to do my best and giving 
me unconditional love. Love you always. Congratulations class 
2011, we finally did it! 

Activities: theater, SADD, president of Best Buddies. Favorite 
people: Kevin Edson, Heather Balboni, Kim Arthurs, Shannon 
Tolles, EmiK White, Grace Rezendes. and Lucv Shea. Many 
thanks to: My mom and everyone in Best Buddies. "Be the 
change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi. 
"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the 
blind can see." - Mark Twain 


Chris Rogers 

Gretchen Roth 

Samantha Rudolph 

During your high school career it seems that we all depend on 
one another for support or structure but we realize that once 
we graduate we are all on our own with no one to help. But 
if you remember this one quote you will be fine. "Success 
comes at a price, and depending on what you do with your 
spare time will determine if you become "The Burger king or 
a success" (Dan Cook). 

"Doing what vou love is the cornerstone ot having abundance 
in your lite - Wayne D\cr, I would like to thank m\ famiK 
especially my parents. You have given me so much in life and I 
know you are always here for me. thanks to Mrs. Naper tor all 
ot her encouragement the lasl 4 \ears. She encouraged me to 
go back and get my CNA license. Another thanks to my aunt, 
and friends. All of you have been here for me through thick 
and thin. I LOVE YOU all! "The Truth is you don't know what 
is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride and nothing 
is guaranteed Eminem 


Hillary Elizabeth Ruggiero 

Lindsay Ryan 

Krystiana Sargent 

Thanks KEM, ECW, MEP, CC, DD, KP, BO and to anyone else 
I forgot to mention tor this wonderful last year! Mom, Dad, 
Nick, jewls and even you Chris, thanks for sticking by me and 
making sure I get through high school, even though sometimes 
you guys have been tough on me. 1 know you did it out of 
love. "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take 
but by the moments that take our breath away." — Unknown. 
We did it class of 2011, Congrats!! 

"When a teenager has a child a chapter of their life will end, 
but an even more amazing one will begin." Unknown 
I never thought I would make it these past four years. Nana and 
Pa, thank you for everything you have done for me my entire 
life. I wouldn't be anywhere without you. Lexy and Sophie, 
you are the best sisters in the world. Dad and Denielle, thank 
you for always being there for me whenever I needed anything. 
Josh 061 609, thank you for always keeping a smile on my face. 
Brayden, always remember that mommy loves you. I love all 
you so much, and I'm glad I have you in my life. Good luck 
Class of 201 1 . We finally made it! 

Krystina Sargent 

Ashley Saunders 

Alecia Schneider 

"All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to 
pursue them" -Walt Disney. Thank you everyone for making the 
past four years of my life so unforgettable. Thank you mom and 
dad, and all of my family, for everything you've done. You've 
always been there for me and I love you all. Tina and Mary, 
you girls mean the world to me. We've had so many amazing 
times together and I know we'll always be there for each other. 
Cretchen, thanks for being my overly intelligent and witty best 
friend, watch out for "the voices"Thank you to all of my friends, 
I wouldn't have made it without you. A. B. S.L.T.J. M.C. L.N. So 
many good times with you ladies! love you guys. Congratula- 
tions and good luck class of 201 1 ! We made it! 



Kirsten Schranze 

Corey Sears 

Joseph Sessine 

Kayla Shannon 

Ashley Short 

Alina Small 

"He will raise you up on eagle's wings and make you to shine 
like the sun" - Michael Joncas Thank you to all the wonder- 
ful people who have touched my life over the last four years. 
I especially would like to thank my parents. You are always 
there to support and encourage me and I thank you greatly 
for that. Thanks also go out to Nate, Lindsay, and Kolbe; the 
best siblings ever. You guys can always make me laugh. Most 
importantly I would like to thank Cod for being by my side 
every step of the way. To my friends, thanks for making these 
four years full of good memories. To the class of 201 1 , this is 
just the beginning of a grand future. And to my cross country 
girls, keep shaka-laka-ing and waka-waka-ing on. 


Daniel Smith 

Eric Souther 

Christopher St. Clair 

Ryan Strohman 

Kristi Sullivan 

Reardon Swenson-Hayward 

Everything happens for a reason. Thank you everyone in my 
family. Mom and Dad, I love you. Thank you for being great 
parents and being there whenever I need you. Kara and Danny, 
I love you. Kara, got to love those inside jokes. Thank you all 
of my friends for being there when I need you and giving me 
great memories I will never forget. Lynn, I don't know what 
I would do without you, you are one of the most important 
people to me. prom 2010, junior year, New York, road trip to 
Texas, dance classes, freshman science class, Disney cruise. 
Outerbanks, Disney 07, etr. . happiest when laughing and with 
my family and friends 


Jeffrey Synan 

Courtney Talbot 

Nikolas Taormina 

To m\ mom and dad thank vou for your love and compassion 
over the years I don't know if I could have made through these 
four vears with out you. i always knew I could rely on you both 
for anything and I can never thank you enough for everything 
vou've done. I couldn't ask for better parents. Michelle thank 
vou for being the best big sis I could ever ask for I've always 
looked up to you and will keep doing so. To the two favorite 
gals my grandmas I love you. And the rest of the fam. love 
you all. To my boys and gals RW MW AC LC ZP ZZ MC |M 
JK JD DF BP CM KM ML LL. katz all day, Weathers, Lincolns, 
Walshes love you, Dairy of the goat, PN football, "lets get it" 
the words I live by. 

Christopher Taylor 

Brandan Thomas 

Cody Tibbetts 



Shannon Tolles 

Nicholas Tosi 

John Trainor 

"You can't stop time, you can't capture light, you can only 
turn your face up and let it rain down." - "The Memory Keep- 
ers Daughter," by Kim Edwards. I want to say thank you to so 
many people. But most importantly I want to say thanks to 
my family. These past few years have been very hard but we 
still get through it. I want to say thanks to my friends. You're 
all awesome and I don't know how I'd manage without you 
guys. Thanks to everyone on the cross country team. You guys 
are my home away from home. I want to end with a quote 
be Dr. Seuss "You have brains in your head. You have feet in 
your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you chose. 
You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are 
the guy who'll decide where to go" 

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am 
not." - Kurt CobainThe Fam: I truly cannot thank you enough 
for everything that you have given me. I may not always show 
it, but I love you all, so much. Dad, you have inspired me in 
so many ways, especially to be successful in life. Mom, I am 
so grateful that I had you every step of the way. Liz, good luck 
with school and whatever you choose to do; I know you'll do 
well. Bob and Grammy, love always. Thank you all, you have 
shaped my life in so many ways. Carly, you mean the world 
to me and I would be lost without you. Friday the thirteenth, 
March, 2009. Allan, Matt, and Henry, quality times: some 
stupid, all awesome. 

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream 
it, you can become it." - William Arthur Ward. Thank you to 
my family and friends for helping me get through the last four 
years and making them fly by. PN Lax. KMW143. 


Jonathan Tuffy 

Sean Turke 

Casandra Varao 

"Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there" - Incubus. At the 
beginning of the year I decided to tryout for the school soccer 
team. It was only my first year playing. Being a part of the 
team was one of the best high school experiences I have had. I 
would not have been able to do that without the support of my 
mother. I love you mom. I met so many new people throughout 
my years in high school but a few of my best friends made it 
worth while. Thanks Mark Cotti, Joe Sessine, Nick Cote and 
Mike Kenyon. I couldn't ask for better friends. As I think back 
on the years, I remember my first day as a freshman. I didn't 
know where anything was or who anyone was. Now I know this 
school like the back of my hand and I know almost everyone, 
and I'll never forget any of that! 

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 
Theodore Roosevelt. Thanks to all of my friends and teachers 
for the great memories. Thanks to my parents for pushing me 
to be my best and for encouraging me to move forward. One 
thing that I have learned in high school is never give up no 
matter what challenges you face. 

"For attractive lips speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes 
seek out the good in people. For a slim figure share your food 
with the hungry. For poise walk with the knowledge that you 
will never walk alone. People even more than things need to 
be restored. Renewed. Revived. Reclaimed. And redeemed 
never throw out anyone." - Audrey Hepburn. Favorite People 
all the K girls and Morgy. Memories Summer 2009, lunior 
Prom, Florida Trip 2010 with Kayla and Kelly, XC Adventures 
and MUN Boston Trips. Flappiest When spending time W/tB 
friends and family <3 Many thanks to Mom, Phil, Dad l.n In 
and Sammy, I don't know what 1 would do without yout lov« 
support and guidani e, I love you all so much c3 Twinny thank 
you for always being there no matter 


Samantha Varao 

Kayla Walsh 

Matt Walsh 

vant to thank mv parents and twin sister, Casandra, who have 
ways been there tor me through everything. I also would like 
give thanks to all my friends I have made in my 12 years of 
hool: many great memories were made with you guys. I'll 
so miss and never forget the XC team, for all the exciting 
asons we had together. 

)ream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." 
- James Dean. 

"you spend twelve years of your life trying to learn how to 
live, but every time you try to live in those twelve vears, you're 
always told you're wrong. Then everyone you love is taken away 
and scattered. That's what they should teach you, how to say 
good-bye." - Unknown. To my friends and family: Thank you 
for getting me through these last four vears. I couldn't have 
done this without you. PN dance team girls: you've given me 
some of mv favorite memories. "Let's trot!" LGN?! jet 143. Class 
of 201 1- our time has come ... Congrats! 

"It's hard to win a pennant, but it's harder losing one" - Chuck 
Tanner. Baseball State Champs 08. PN Football How are 
ya? Let's get it. Mom thanks for always being there for me, I 
wouldn't be the man I am today without you. Love you. Casey, 
Meghan, Joey you guvs are the best. I love you guys more than 
anything. Thank vou to the Follettes for always being there for 
me. Kerrin, Shana, Connor couldn't ask for better cousins. JS, 
RW, JM, LC, CM, AC, ZZ, MC, ZP, HD, KM - You're all the 
best thanks for always being there. Uncle Dwayne I will never 
forget winning the state title we won and all the memories. 
Dad you are my role model, you taught me everything in life, 
school, and sports. I will never forget the times we've spent 
together. Two time Superbowl champs! 

Chris Warner 

Joshua Weatherhead 

Richard Weathers 

I, Chris Warner, am really happy to be leaving this school! My 
favorite bands are ICP, Taking Back Sunday, and Escape the 
Fate. My Favorite people are: my friends and my mom. My 
best memories were hanging out here at North High. Thanks 
to my teachers: Miss Sampson, Mr. Burgess and my mom for 
always being there for me- thank you so much! I am going to 
miss the school and all my friends here. I will try to keep in 
touch with them the best I can. If I can't I am sorry. I will miss 
you all! "What you see is what you get". 

Favorite Quote: "Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils 
is still choosing evil." - Jerry Garcia Friends: Nick C, Jared W. 
Joe C, Ryan S, Larry M, Eric S, Lauren S, Evan C, Meaghan M, 
Shane C, BJ Murphy. Memories: B Hayze's car & time spent 
with the DUKZ. Happiest when I am Bogging. Live above the 
influence of drugs and alcohol. 



Jared Weinstock 

Matt Wentworth 

Eric Whall 

"Once more unto the h, clear friends, once more" - Wil- 
liam Shakespeare. Much love lo my Mother and Father and 
to .ill m\ friends that I've shared good times. 

"Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in 
this world, then it can only happen through music." - Jimi 
Hendrix- "My music fights against the system that teaches 
to live and die." - Bob Marley- Plymouth North was a great 
experience for me. Good times chillin' with my boys B. Gill, 
D. Borofski, "Your Gassed!!", S. Harrington "I'm Straight with 
that." C. Corbo, Swagga, P. Donnelly and Boudy, "Yahhp." Best 
times at North came out of lax season with my buddies. Yee 
Chaz I got you. Jammin' out with B Gilly and Josh to some 
Dispatch. I apologize deeply for everyone in the parking lot 
who thinks my speakers are too loud when your car isn't even 
shaking that much! ! Thank you Mom for keeping on me about 
my grades. I love you. 

Emily White 

Jeffrey Wilkerson 

Gabriel Williams 

"One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's 
worth watching." - Gerard Way. Many thanks to: The Used, 
SP, KAM, KMA and my family. Memories: foREVer, concerts, 
Killjoys, Blurg and Blee, PewPewPew, Usedsters, Frank lero, 
Mission Is-land, Supernatural, lohnny Christ, HerpDerp, Air- 
planes, High-five-u lal ion, Chaclam Lives, WiL makeup, Monster, 
Nighttime walks, Escalator spin. Pansy and Rumor, and Dan's 
Alphabel Song. "The biggest thing I've learned is that you only 
have one chance. You have today to live- but you gotta lake it 
and make it the best you can." - Bert McCracken 


Sydney Wood 

Jake Wood 

"Don't let a soul in the world tell you that you can'l be exactly 
who you are" - Lady Gaga. Mom and Dad, I love you both, 
thank you for everything. Jameson, you've been there for me 
through it all. I'll always look up to you. To Cody, love vou. 
Through thick and thin, thanks for letting me be myself. C.B. 
best friends, never forget the memories. My girls, it's been 
one amazing ride; much love. Boys, good luck with all that 
you do. And the soccer girls, I'll miss you all, never let defeat 
stand in your way. Dave Matthews Band 2010, enough said. 
Live in the present. 

"If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work 
is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut." — Albert 
Einstein. Thanks to my family and friends ... I couldn't have 
done it without vou. 

** '^* 

Erin Woods 

Zachary Zaniboni 

Michael Zoccolante 

I want to thank my family tor helping me get through the 
past four years. Mom, Dad, Jake, and Julia I can never thank 
you guys enough. Jake and Julia thanks for coming in all my 
games. Mom and Dad it really means a lot to me seeing you 
guys cheer for me. As for football and baseball, it was great. 
8/21/04 ERP thank you for always lieing there for me. I will 
never forget it. Thanks to all my friends JM, DF, RW, ZP I ( , 
DB, DC, MC, AC, JS, MW and everyone along the way. HPD, 
Lumberjack breakfast, BYFL, ZAM, Ditka. trip to Florida. 
Cuomo's Christmas party and pigroast, 2-11 ernies, concerts, 
mayhemfest. It has been great. Coodluck class of 11. "How 
are va!" - Coach Riordan 


Plj mouth North Drama Presents. . . 

"Should we never teach our kids 




A Full-Length Play 

"Don 't you think Matt, that our young people see enough 
that will destroy the faith they have in our way of life 
without our adding to it in our classroom teaching?" 

"Are you going to 

ask me to stop 

teaching the book?" 

Crew notes at dress rehearsal 

"You knock 1 

The school board 

discossiog everyone s 

voiced concerns. 

An interview with 
Mr. Morrison 

Mr. Montgomery thinks McVey's Revival is a piece of trash. 

Every major newspaper in the country 
wants to do a story on Matt Collins. 

"You heard what the people have to say and 
that is the way I intend to vote. " 

"I wrote the book." 

Student Directors 

Emilly Bott, 

Morgan Davis 

Tracy Velloso 

Gerald Small sticks up 
for his favorite teacher. 

Crew: Rowena Lindsay. Kathleen Normile. Grace VanBuskirk. Colby Bott. 

Abbi Johnson. Shauna Conrod. Holly Martz. Nino Miller-Jaksic. David Seaverns. 

Stephanie Lehan, Kristi Goodman. Tara Brennan, Kayla Goldberg. Haley Cloonan-Lisi. 

Kaila Braley. Emily Bott. Tracy Velloso Sydney McDowell, Nicole Taormina 

Chris Emery. Trevor Metcalfe. Erin Kirby. Merin English. Veronica Cavanaugh. Jaclyn Mennonna, 
Ashley Goldberg. Emma Candocci, Frank Schulze. Al Saunders. Paulie Devlin. Jack Garvin, Stewart Betz. 

Hannah Cole. Molly LeGrow. Shane Indeglia. Meg Owens. Shawn Flanagan. Shannon Fernando-Cole. 
Kim Arthurs. Josh Hawes, Gavin Dineen. Rose Campbell. Shannon Raeke. Melissa Whittaker. Graham Allen 


"Pest "Puppies 



Girls' JV Softball 

Alyssa Goodall, Mindy Nickerson, 

Nicole Doucette, Molly Martinsen, 

Mercedes Thayer, Annika Leydon, 

Manager Dylan Bell, 

Coach Lauren Andersen, Erin Cappellucci 

Shannon Raeke, Sydney McDowell, 

Rachel Post, Erin Kirby, Taylor Bousquet, 

Lauren Callahan, Angela Corbo, 

Amber Alves, Erin McDonald, 

Jessica Rampino, Delaney Montana, 

Sarah Schoeneberg. 

Girls' Varsity Softball 

Coach Kim Allen, Sarah Crosby, 

Carly Martinsen, Meghan O'Reilly, 

Brittani Stephan, Nicole Holmes, 

Sally Bramhall, Clare Moore, 

Erika Christensen, Bryanna Joseph, 

Brittany Dhooge, Robin DuRoss, 

Ashley Gallagher, Casey Campbell, 

Kacey Dory, Nellie Johnson. 

Girls' Freshman Softball 

Kim Khuu, Nicole Villano, 

Kelsey Borghesani, Megan Tuffy, 

Kayla Shirley, Abigail Johnson, 

Elizabeth Stack, Liz Bramhall, 

Erin Studholme, Katie Cohoon, 

Anna Colbert, Annmarie Mullaney, 

Cassie Kirby, Rachel Tassinari, 
Lindsay Martinelli, Amanda Metell. 

Girls' Varsity Lacrosse 

Coach Melsie Gaignard, Shelby Ferreira, 

Chelsea DiTullio, Sam Henderson, 

Meghan Petrell, Natalie Gilmore, 

Danielle O'Keefe, Mary-Kate Jaeger, 

Sam Basler, Becca Brady 
Sarah Sullivan, Marissa Gallagher, 

Alex Bergamo. Katie Petrell, 

Meghan Lunetta, Joycelyn Kerr, 

Gemma Henderson, Emily Vannozzi, 

Holly Duddy Jen Wilson. 

Girls' JV Lacrosse 

Amanda Coughlin, Lezah Burgess, 

Rilley Lydon, Victoria Gilmore, 

Emily Pickett, Coach John Aisner, 

Danielle O'Keefe, Emily Peroni, 

Nicole Russo, Mikayla Cote, 

Rachel Campbell, Ashley Lambert, 

Emily Aisner, Nicolette Durkee, 

Erika Burke, Rachel McCormack, 

Megan Roy, Erin Costa, 

Shannon McDermott. 

Girls' Tennis 

Coach Mike Martin. Kendall Kolb. 
Rebecca Levy, Amanda Strickland, 

Jen Reynolds, Cori Enos, 

Hadley Withington, Liz Lincoln, 

Lindsay Crane, Florence Gonsalves, 

Rachel Milroy, Rowena Lindsay, 

Alex Post, Emily Mongello, 

Adrianna Garrett, Mikayla Colantonio, 

Lauren Stanford, Haley Cloonan-Lisi. 

Boys' Varsity Lacrosse 

Kelsey Schranze, Connor Farrand, Cam Groezingi 
Eric Carmell, John Landers, Chris Josephine, 
Matt George, Matt Ryan, Justin Athanese, 

Casey Paton, Tim Serrilla, 

Asst. Coaches Jeff Zuberer and Brett Boutin, 

Coach Patrick Mulvey-Welsh, Bobby Cavanaug 

Dana Boudreau, Adam Reszenski, 

Jared Cullivan, Chris Corbo, Danny Sullivan, 

Zach Strickland, Matt Wentworth, Jake Holme 

Carlos Solomon, Connor Elliot, Nick Curtis, 

Matt Josephine, Tyler Chasnov, John Trainor, 

Mike Baggan, Jared Bramhall. 

Boys' JV Lacrosse 

Coach Patrick Mulvey-Welsh, Bobby Cavanaugh, 

John-Hanson Machado, Cam Groezinger, 

Justin Athanese, Jake Holmes, 

Matt Ryan, Eric Carmell, 

Asst. Coach Jeff Zuberer, Coach Brett Boutin, 

Jared Cullivan, Tyler George, 

Alec Provo, Connor Elliott, 

Casey Paton, Erik Hansen, Nick Curtis, 

Jake Trainor, Jaymz McStowe, Tyler Lawson, 

Connor Farrand, Alex Philavong, 

Dan Leary, Mike Baggan. 

Boys' Tennis 

Coach Andy Dugan, Brendan Gill, 

Peter Stasinos, Noah Bailey, 

Brandon Kirsch, Michael Withington, 

Nick Cote, Jake Wood, Shawn Flanagan, 

Jack Murphy, Nik Taormina, 

Corey Furtado, Cam Evans, 

Jack Moore, Sean Folan. 

Varsity Baseball 

David Murphy, Vinnie Tavernelli, 

imie Dougherty, Dan Maclnnes, Dan Fratus, 

Zack Zaniboni, Ryan Hess, Terry Jaeger, 

Kevin Dory, Connor Follette, Cody Holmes, 

Jameson Wood, Matt Walsh, Bob Burrelli, 

Allan Burgess, Tom Faucett, 

Coach Dwayne Follette, Brendan Mitchell, 

Liam Cosgrove, Ray Tallent, Zack Prifti, 

Eddie Raeke, Jeff Agnew, Mike Cahill, 

Alex Rozak, Adam Cuomo, 

Tyler Marcotte, Doug Maccaferri. 

JV Baseball 

Nick Kaiser, Brian Fasanello, 

Connor Follette, Ben Waltuch, 

Bobby Savoia, Brandon Abel, Pat Horgan, 

John Myette, Gavin Dineen, 
Jimmy Dahill, Jimmy Mitchell, 

Anthony Valero, Chris Roth, 

Jimmy Burke, Dan Stearns, 
Joe Kinsbury, Coach Bill Drew. 

Boys' Cross Country 

Coach Amy Brown, John Dee, Jack Lapsley, 

Dan Gorton, Nick Brisbois, Tyler Green, 

Kevin McNeeley, Drew Wadman, 

Robert Alberghini, Niyo Keezewood, 

Cuinn Chaplin, Coach John Laverty, 

Riley Woolson, Steve Ness, Jason Naidoo, 

Connor Boris, Steven O'Donnell, 

Tyler Gravelle, Cam DeGaust, 

Mike Wetterberg, Scott Dickson, 

Henry Regalado, Ian Huer, 

Brendan White, Matt Lentini, 

Dan Gordon, Louie Clark. 

Girls' Cross Country 

Coach Joan Webster, Emily Cleland, 
Stephani Dempsey, Libby Brigida, 

Michaela Feroli, Emily Garcia, 

Samantha Levangie, Shannon Tolles, 

Danielle Floeck, Coach Tom Giatrakos, 1 

Noelle Labrecque, Johanna Rehlander, 

Veronica Cavanaugh, Amy Riordan, 

Maggie Burt, Allison Dries, Emma Bowman, 

Nicole Borofski, Kayla Shannon, 

Ashley Berg, Brooke leronimo, 

Megan Cappola, Jordan Flowers, 

Courtney Talbot. 

Boys Cross Country 

Dan Gordon, Cody Farragher, Steve Ness, 

Connor Boris, Jack Lapsley, Kevin McNeely, 

Niyo Moraza-Keeswood, Riley Woolson, 

Brendan White, Colby Bott, Michael Bambrick, 

Chris Webb, Louie Clark, Connor Allard, 

Coach John Laverty. 

Girls' Cross Country 

Allison Dries, Chelsea Willis, Erin Costa, 

Emma Bowman, Shannon Tolles, Kayla Shannon 

Haley Cloonan-Lisi, Cori Enos. Amy Riordan. 

Casandra Varao, Jessica Morgan, Samantha Vara 

Nicole Borofski, Brittany Paton. 

Coach John Laverty. Mikayla Medeiros. 

Girls' Varsity Soccer 

Coach Eric Foley, Hannah Petersen, 

Madison Finlay, Francesca Lapsley, 

Hannah Burbidge, Abbigale Murphy, 

Danielle Floeck, Emily Pieroni, 

Coach Tom Giatrakos, Riley Stefano, 

Casey Walsh, Jordan Flowers, 

Rachel Campbell, Lilie Lawson, 

Jennifer Wilson, Karen Roth, 

Samantha Basler, Adrianna Garrett, 

Sydney Wood, Brooke leronimo, 

Ashleigh Berg, Courtney Talbot, 

Nichole Hicks, Emily Garcia. 

J.V. Girls' Soccer 

Amanda Strickland, Rachel McCormick, 

Courtney McLoud, Vanessa Bell, 

Lindsay Martinelli, Coach Dana Perlow, 

Meghan Walsh, Mikayla Cote, Meagan Tuffy, 

Rachel Rose, Jen Reynolds, Hayley Watson, 

Sammie Burt, Claire O'Donnell, Kacey Dory, 

Amy Serino, Meaghan Flynn. 

Freshman Girl's Soccer 

lyson Jacobson, Rachael Lane, Jacqui Gallant 

Courtney Banzi, Coach Alicia Chandler, 

Caroline Sheehan, Emily Hufnagle, Paige Post, 

Nicole Day, Sarah Fender, Elizabeth Cohoon, 

Hayley Reifeiss, Lilly Whalen, Taylor Stefano, 

Kathleen Lynch, Allison Sinewick. 

Varsity Field Hockey 

Coach Bryant Lefebvre, Katelyn Petrell, 

Ashley Lambert, Erika Prince, Holly Martz, 

Coach Kim Allen, Coach Amber Roderick, 

Liz Tosi, Theresa Loranger, Emily McDonald, 

Taylor Jonak, Emily Pickett, Anna Colbert, 

Marissa Gallagher, Annika Leydon, 

Chrissy Noyes, Shannon McDermott, 

Taylor Bousquet, Katrina Borofski, Nicole Holme 

J.V. Field Hockey 

Morgan Farino-Silva, Sarah Sullivan, 

Victoria Cotone, Amanda Metell, 

Amanda Snead, Coach Bryant Lefebvre, 

Rachel Post, Gina Lentini, Ashley Gallagher, 

Rachel Wallace, Alyssa Smith, 

Kelsey Frahlich, Lezah Burgess, 

Tess Fassanello, Erin Cappallucci, 

Megan Roy, Amanda DiCroce, 

Cassie Kirby, Nicole Vecchi. 

Golf Team 

Coach Mike McCosh, David Campbell, 
Alex Rozak, Doug Maccaferri, Tyler Marcotte, 

Sean Hatch, Jacob Prifti, Nik Taormina, 
Jake Stearns, Jaime Delano, Jack McDonald, 
Zack O'Reilly, Joe McDonough, Robby Dries, 

Leif Burgess, Mike Souza, Nick Quintal, 
Chris Porter, Corey Furtado. 

Varsity Boy's Soccer 

Coach Bill Farrell, Connor Hamilton, 

Brendan Duggan, Pat Horgan, John Tuffy, 

Peter Stasinos, Mike Genduso, Tyler Gravelle, 

Mike Zoccolante, Ian Grant, Chris Russo, 

Ryan Moskos, Connor Follette, Chris O'Neill, 

Mex Genduso, Sawyer Damiano, Jason Gardner, 

uithony Valero, Chris Gravelle, Mike Withington. 

J.V. Boy's Soccer 

Colby Balas, Jack Moore, Madison McCormick, 

Noah Bailey, Brendan Sheehan, Nick James, 

Brendan Beane. Rob Naidoo, Dan O'Rourke, 

Alex Genduso, Tyler Gravelle, Matt Kelly, 

Chris O'Neill, Connor Flynn. 

Freshman Boy's Soccer 

Coach Suchorski, Ian Allen, Rob Naidoo, 

Kyle Mason, Cam Fleming, Nick James, 

Josh Bowen, Brian Christian, 

Rakin Chowdhury, Gustavo Alves. 


* / 

Fall Varsity Cheerleaders 

Elissa Corthell, Delaney Montana, Kellie Lincoln i! 

Jessica Rampino, Karmyn DeAngelo, 

Courtney Jenkins, Dasmine Jones, Alison Apjohm 

Haley Mahoney, Andrea Campbell, 

Sarah Schoeneberg, Jackie Bletzer, 

Melanie D'Angelo, Coach Caitlin Naughton, 

Kristen DeCoste, Diamond Simoes, 

Maddie Shores, Brianna Able, Emily Torrance, 

Meghan Mclntyre, Brittany Tirrell, Jillian Bratti, 

Corrine Willcutt, Kiley Schranze, Taylor Cloran, 

Brittany Hathaway, Kelli Decoste, Katelin Furtadc 

Fall J.V. Cheerleaders 

Savannah Williamson, Meghan Cotter, 

Alexis LaForest, Mackenzie Corrigan, 

Darby Ryder, Allison Torrance, 

Hannah Mead, Sagen Harkin, Haley Nicholas, 

Nicole Varrasso, Taylor Rankin, Emily Dion, 

Brittany Dillon, Danielle Worrell, Kelsey Jenkins. 

Varsity Volleyball 

Rilley Lydon, Molly Martinsen, Casey Campbell, 

Sydney McDowell, Coach Shelly Jaruse, 

Ashley Dhooge, Vicky Gilmore, Sally Bramhall, 

Clare Moore, Hannah Bailey, Mary Faraday, 

Mikayla Colantonio, Jocelyn Labrecque, 
Captains Maggie Burt and Brittany Dhooge. 

Varsity Football 

Darren Rowell, Mike Cuomo, Jeff McCormack, Joe DeSisto, Dwayne Follette, Steve Moore, Melsie Gaignard, 
Tim Ward, Eric Coon, Pat Wetterberg, John Hanson Machado, Nick Santos, Steve Souza, Tyler Green, 
Mike Wetterberg, Chucky Phachansiri, Rob Alberghini, Bobby Savoia, Jamie Dougherty, John Reardon, 
Jake Holmes, Matt Josephine, Alex Potter, Nick Curtis, Vinny Tavernelli, Matt Ryan, Corey Boudreau, 

Frank Gomes, Justin Athanese, Sean Borel, Sean Cormier, Hayden Gabriel, Tyler George, Ricky Guevermont, 

Matt George, Alan Burgess, Scott Ringuette, Alex Coughlin, Jayson Naidoo, Tom Faucett, Tony Perry, 

Liam Cosgrove, Dana Bourdreau, Dan Cabral, John Dee, Justin Maskell, Matt Walsh, Cody Merritt, 

Jeffrey Synan, Adam Cuomo, Zach Zaniboni, Mike Cahill, Ricky Weathers, Jared Cullivan. 

Freshmen Football 

Junior Varsity Volleyball 

Coach Brian Dunn, Morgan Stutz, Casey Campbell, 

Rilley Lydon, Bianca Taddia, Coach Frank Marino, 

Ashley Robichaud, Emily Ricardo, Jennifer Wylie, 

Juliann Murnane, Sally Bramhall, 

Hannah Schultz, Jess Gordon. 

Girls' Varsity Basketball 

Danielle Floeck, Meghan Walsh, 

Robin DuRoss, Gemma Henderson, 

Hannah Conley, Casey Walsh, 

Mary Kate Jaeger, Kacey Dory, 

Francesca Lapsley, Erin McDonald, 

Nicole Grassi, Riley Stefano, 

Nellie Johnson, Maggie Burt. 

Girls* JV Basketball 

Coach Jane Burt, Sammie Burt, Kayla Shirley, 

Lizzy Stack, Liz Bramhall, Meagan Tuffy, 

Kim Wallant, Maddie Finlay, Courtney Jenkins, 

Lindsay Martinelli, Kim Khuu. 

Girls' Freshman Basketball 

Allison Sinewick, Nicole Day, 

Elizabeth Cohoon, Haley Nicklas, 

Meaghan O'Rourke, Nicole Vecchi, 

Kellie Lincoln, Natalya Papa, Emily Hufnagle, 

Taylor Stefano, Courtney Banzi, Molly Coit, 

Bianco Taddia, Kailee Britto. 

Girls' Winter Indoor Track S Field 

lessica Gordon, Rilley Lydon, Courtney McLoud, 

Alex Weathers, Chelsea Willis, Jessica Morgan, 

Taylor Lake, Kayla Hart, Claire O'Donnell, 

Hannah Burbridge, Noelle Labrecque, 

Alyson Jacobson, Gina Lentini, Sarah Fender, 

Deven Diaz, Nicole Borofski, Vanessa Bell-Cotta, 

Kayla Goldberg, Emma Bowman, 

Mercedes Thayer, Allison Dries, 

Courtney Talbot, Johanna Rehlander, 

Samantha Levangie, Brittani Stephan, 

Stefani Dempsey, Mindy Nickerson. 

Boys' Winter Indoor Track £ Field 

Coach Joan Webster, Scott Dickson, 

Josh Smith, Jonathan O'Brien, Matt Lentini, 

Coach Tom Giatrakos, Alec Provo, 

Tyler Green, Robert Naidoo, Christopher Webb, 

Michael Bambrick, Ian Allen, Connor Allard, 

Brendan White, Ben Waltuch, Greg Marinos, 

Madison McCormack, Nick Campanale, 

Chris Porter, Riley Woolson, Connor Boris, 

Zach Zaniboni, Jason Bergeron, 

Dan Gordon, Jack Lapsley. 

PHNS Members 

of the 

Plymouth High School Gymnastics Team 

Micaela Fraccalossi, Elissa Corthell, 
Cara Goodman 

H ■ «!••*»• 

Varsity Wrestling 

Coach Bobby Lewis, Nick Curtis, 

Chucky Phachansiri, Carlos Solomon, 

Matt Ryan, Vinny Tavernelli, Brandon Boutin, 

Bryson Litvay, Louie Clark, Connor Elliott, 

John Dee, Frank Aguiar, 

Henry Regalado, Zack O'Reilly. 

J.V. Wrestling 

Coach Bobby Lewis, Chris Hardy, 

Ian Maguire, Tony Tavernelli, Matt Luz, 

Trejuan Silva, Cam Pejouhy, Matt Pearson, 

Tom Lentini, Simon Conroy, Nick Hernandez, 

Frank Gomes, Ricky Guevremont, 

Leif Burgess, Marc Liddell. 

7*t^-#*t f .#** 

nit ni 

Winter Cheerleaders 

Coach Baggan, Kim Holt, 

Shantel Manning-Blake, Shalyn Cleaves, 

Jackie Bletzer, Ann-Marie Mullvey, 

Nicole Varraso, Kelsey Jenkins, Kristin DeCoste, 

Makennzie Corrigan, Savanna Williamson, 

Danielle Worrell, Emily Dion, Theresa Worrell, 

Haley Mahoney, Coach Naughton, Sagen Harkin 

Jwana Cheeks, Andrea Campbell, 

Maddie Shores, Kiley Shranz, Brittney Tirrell, 

Alyss Flannery, Meghan Cotter, 

Diamond Simones, Jessica Rampino, 

Sarah Schoenberg, Dasmine Jones, 

Jessica Baggan, Delaney Montana, Taylor Cloran 

Kelli DeCoste, Melanie DeAngelo. 


Boys' Varsity Basketball 

Coach Billy Drew, Jeff Synan, Nicholas Kaiser, 

Jack Murphy, Owen Murphy, Perry Wilson, 

Erik Hansen, Michael Wetterberg, 

Brandon Abel, Tyler Chasnov, 
Connor Follette, Matt Josephine. 

Boys' Freshman Basketball 

?obby Dries, Aaron Sanboeuf, Donny Stoddard, 

Sean Hatch, Christian Hatch, Rick Barnhardt, 

Coach Tim Ward, Mike Hickey, Caleb Eaton, 

Matt Doherty, Rakin Chowdhury, 

Anthony Jordan, Conner Pratt, Alek Andrews, 

Kenny Drew, Kyle Mason, Cam Fleming. 

Boys' J.V. Basketball 

Sawyer Damiano, Stephen Souza, Kevin Brophy, 

Hugh Sims, Patrick Danner, Evan Paul, 

Coach Lewis, Ryan Leahy, Andrew Gallant, 

Sean Borel, Pat Wetterberg, 

Joevon Cheeks, Jesse Bunting. 

Varsity Ice Hockey 

Dana Boudreau, Liam Cosgrove, Nick Cote, Jared Cullivan, Shane Harrington, Chad Kierstead, 

Cam Kingsbury, Steven Ness, Zach Prifti, Nick Tosi, Alex Ariagno, Jimmy Burke, Eric Carmell, Josh Corrigan, 

Sean Folan, Corey Furtado, Cameron Groezinger, Cody Holmes, Jake Holmes, Devin Hood, Joe Kingsbury, 

Alex Rozak, Bobby Savoia, Corey Boudreau, Cody Farragher, Tommy Duddy, Brandon Farrell, Nate Kierstead, 

Coaches: John Greene, Emerson Coleman, Brian Hitchings, Gordie McClay, Tyler Mathewson. 

Junior Varsity Ice Hockey 


Sean Folan, Billy Connolly, Devin Hood, Corey Boudreau, Justin Athanase, 

Adam Chapman, Amanda Coughlin, Brandon Ferrell, Nate Kierstead, Jake Pritfi, 

Jake Trainor, Matt Carpillo, Ryan Kearney, Adam LeBlanc, Clarke Withington, 

Coaches: Emerson Coleman, Gordie McClay, Dick Duddy, Kevin Hood. 





Congratulations from the Class of 2012 Congratulations from the Class of 2012 


"Don't be sad because it's over... 

Be glad because it happened." Dr. Seuss 

Uvtefanie JJoffcJT- c/tdxisor oQiff JjreW - Qc-c^icfviscr 

9o/tn TToaan - Ureasurer vj/trissy cAoyes - J resident 

TJenderscn - secretary <Jyfer (green - y ice- J resident 




Congratulations /irom the Class of 2012 Congratulations from the Class of 2012 

■ ■<■''■■ • 

Ashley Abrams 
Michael Ahfstedt 
Robert Alberghini 

Bianco Alcantara 
Graham Alien 
Amber Aloes 

Kenna Andrews 
Alexander Ariagno 
Kimberly Arthurs 
Michoel Baggan 
Shauna Balboni 
Samantha Basler 
Dylan Bell 
Alexandrea Bergamo 

Cameron Berlo 
Connor Boris 
Michoel Botelho 

Emily Bott 
Jaglor Bousquet 
Nicholas Boutin 

Emma Bomman 
Jared Bramhall 
Jillian Bratti 
Libby Brigida 
Lezab Burgess 
James Burke 
Amy Byrne 
Rosemary Campbell 

Casey Campbell 
Rachel Campbell 
Emma Canducci 

Eric Carmell 
Robert Cauanaugh 
Cuinn Chaplin 


Joeuari Cheeks 
Emily Ctehmd 
Taylor Goran 

John Concannon 

HiiMiK7li Cbntey 
Shauna Conrad 

Angela Corbo 

Sean Cormier 

Joshua Corrigan 

Nicholas Costa 

Erin Costa 

Adam Crane 

Jeremy Crispo 

James Dahill 

Melanie D'Angelo 
Maxwell Dormer 

Karmgn DeAnyelo 

Alexander Deani 

Kelli DeCoste 

Alexander DeFe/ice 

James Delano 

Ste|ani Dempsey 

Stefanie Deneault 

Erica Dicfcson 

Amanda DiCroce 

Angela DiZoglio 

Molly Dodgson 

Stac/a Donlan 

Nicole Doncette 

James Dougherty III 

Glenn Dreiu 

Holly Duddy 

Nicolette Durkee 

Robin DuRoss 


Ryan Duiml 
Connor Elliott 
Nicolas Ellis 
Connor Farrand 
Nicholas Filkins 

Shawn Flanagan 
A/yssa Flannenj 
Danielle Floecfe 
Jordan Flowers 
Connor Flynn 

Sean Folan 

Connor Follette 

Michael Fratus Jr. 

Corey Furtado 

Hayden Gabriel 

Ashley Gallagher 

Andrew Gallant 

Ashlyn Gamerman-Medeiros 

Kelly Gatslick 
Tyler George 

Brett Goode 
Kristi Goodman 

Tyler Grauelle 
Tyler Green 
Cameron Groeiinger 
Christopher Gruhbs 
Rynn Hagg 
Erik Hansen 
Aryanna Harkin 
Tiller Hart 

Gemma Henderson 
Nickolas Hernandez 

Kayla Hoag 
Emma Hodgson 


John Hogan 

Cody Holmes 

Jake Holmes 

Deuin Hood 

Patrick Horgan 

Charlotte Honey 

Ian Hi/er 

Shane Indeglia 

Courtney Irwin 

Leigh Jackson 

MaryKate Jaeger 

Heather Johnson 

William Jordan 

Matthew Josephine 

Jessica Keene 

Joycelyn Kerr 

Kayla Kincaid 

Joseph Kingsbury 

Brandon Kirsch 

Katie Kitchell 

Courtney Lawrence 

Tyler Laiuson 

Robert Leaman 

Daniel Leary 

Stephanie Lehan 

Matthew Lentini 

Annika Leydon 

Marc Lidded 

Chantal Lopes 

Emily Mabb 

John-Hanson Machado 

Dauid Margeson 

Molly Martinsen 

Shannon McDermott 

Sydney McDowell 


Meghan Mclntyre 
Brendan McRae 
Jaijmz McStowe 

Christopher Mearls 
Rosario Medina 
Philip Millar 

James Mitchell 
Delaneij Montana 
Niyolpaqui Moraza-Keeswood 
Krishna Mullaney 
Joseph Mulligan 
Alicia Murphy 
Isaiah Musari-Berry 
John Myette 

Ariana Nardo 
Mindij Nickerson 
Kathleen Normile 
Christina Noyes 

Connor O'Duiyer 
Nicholas O'Sadcia 
Megan Otoens 
Mattheiu Pearson 

Katelyn Petrell 
Emily Pickett 
Emihj Pieroni 
Rachel Post 

Michael Pratt 
Shannon Raeloe 
Jessica Rampino 
Olivia Rodrigues 


Christopher Rodi 
Karen Rolli 

Megan Roy 
Alexander Rozak 

Christopher Russo 
Nicole Russo 

Matthew Ryan 
Robert Sauoia 

Sarah Schoeneberg 
Leah Schnt 

Dauid Seauerns 
Kyle Shirley 

Ashley Short 
Kelsey Sieminsfci 
Diamond Simoes 
Kandace Slattery 

Dauid Smith 

Rachel Smith 

Carlos Solomon 

Christopher St. Clair 


Peter Stasinos 
Daniel Steams 
Riley Stefano 

Brittani Stephan 
Dominique Sterite 
Nicole Tanner 

Vincent Tavernelli 
Mercedes Thayer 
Michael Thornton 

Emily Torrance 
Cody Triideau 
Anthony Valero 

Sharlene Vallecillo 
Tracy Vellose 

Robert Wallace 
Casey Walsh 

Benjamin Waltuch 
Andrew Welsh 
Michael Wetterbery 

Melissa Whittafcer 
Jennifer Wilson 
Danielle Worrell 

V H&W > 



Congratulations from tte Class of 2013 Congratulations from the Class of 2013 


To accomplish great things, 

we must not onlu act, but also dream; 

not onlu plan, out also believe. AnatoleFr 






S KiL^y sennas - S£c*e+a*y 


Cofijrratttlations/rom the Class o/2013 Congratulations/nam the Class o/ 2013 



Catherine Achille 
Zachary Adams 
Justin Athanase 

Olivia AuDuong 
Noah Bailey 
Jessica Baker-Santos 

Mikayla Balboni 
Samantha Bankus 
Tyler Banville 
Joseph Becker 
Vanessa Bell-Cotta 
Tori-Lyn Besegai 
Jacqueline Bletzer 
Sean Borel 

Kellsey Borghesani 
Katrina Borofski 
Nicole Borofski 

Corey Boudreau 
Matthew Bowden 
James Bradley 

Sean Brady 
Elizabeth Bramhall 
Sally Bramhall 
Kevin Brcphy 
Nicole Brown 
Jamie Brans 
William Brunstrom Jr. 
Trudy Bryant 

Hannah Burbidge 
Leif Burgess 
Erica Burke 

Samantha Burt 
Kyle Cabral 
Nicholas Campanale 


Andrea Campbell 

Casey Campbell 

Veronica Caoanaugh 

Paige Chandler 

Adam Chapman 

Sam Ciaranca 

Louis Clark 

Haley Cloonan-Lisi 

Kathryn Cohoon 

Anna Colbert 

Hannah Cole 

Nicholas Collins 

Andrew Coiton 

Darion Cooper 

Mifcayla Cote 
April Cotter 
Adam Cotti 

Eric Cotti 

Amanda Coughlin 

Derek Creutz 

Jessica dishing 

Saunjer Damiano 

Jonah-Jerrell Daniel 

Caleigh Decker 

Paulie Deulin 

Ashley Dhooge 

Brittany Dillon 

Augiistino Diodato 

Kathleen Donegan 

Kacey Dory (f*- 

Jacqueline Duggan 

Patrick Eagan 
Samantha Elliott 
Christian Emery 


Con' Enos 
Cameron Euons 
Morgan Farino-Silua 
Cody Farragher 
Brandon Ferrell 
Julie Ferrell 
Madison Finlay 
Drake Fontaine 

Micaela Fraccalossi 
Ariel Gaspar 

Alexander Genduso 
Victoria Gilmore 

Brian Glazier 
Hailey Gleason 

Kayla Goldberg 
Frank Gomes Jr. 
Fmihj Goonan 
Jessica Gordon 
Christopher Grauelle 
Richard Gueuremont 
Bridget Guiney 
Nickolas Hackett 

Kara Harper 
Phillip Harris III 
Kassidy Hart 
Joshua Hawes 
Kimber-Lee Holt 

Kylie Hood 
Bryan Hughes 

Courtney Jenkins 
Kyle Johnson 


Abigail Johnson 

Thomas Kane 

Miicoi/lu Kelley 

Matthew Kelly 

Radical Kenney 

Michael Khederian 

Kim Mum 

Dolorean Kiabanos 

Nathan Kierstead 
Cassandra Kirby 

Noelle Labrecque 
Corey Labrie 

Francesco Lapsley 
Ryan Leahy 

Molly LeGrow 

Rebecca Leuy 

Roiuena Lindsay 

Bryson Lituay 

Dauid Lombardi 

Megan Lunetta 

Matthew Luz 

Rilley Lydon 

Emma Machado 

Ludmilla Magalhaes 

Ryan Maguire 

Kaitlyn Mainhart 

Shantel Manning-Blake 

Gregory Marinos 
Lindsay Martinelli 

Taylor Maynard 
Zachary McCaffrey 


KlfMll . * 

Rachel McCormack 
Madison McCormack 
Jack McDonald 

Courtney McLoud 
Kevin McNeely 
Susan McNeill 

MoUamed Mena 
Jaclyn Mennonna 
Trevor Metcalfe 
Amanda Metell 
Brittney Mifculski 
Nikola Miller Jaksic 
Jonathan Moore 
Jessica Morgan 

Maria Mori 
Taylor Moriarty 
Leslie Moron 

Ryan Moskos 

Ann Marie Mullaney 

Abbigale Murphy 

John Murphy 
Owen Murphy 
Vu Nguyen 
Kelsey Nicholson 
Atnara Nicholson 
Laura Nolan 
Jonathan O'Brien 
Madison O'Connor 

Claire O'Donnell 
Cameron O'Dmyer 
Christopher O'Neill 

Zachary O'Reilly 
Mikaela Oriola 
Daniel O'Rourfce 


Ciist'i/ flilon 

Evan Paul 

Chucfey Phochansiri 

Alexander Pfulauong 

David Picard 
Christopher Porter 

Alexander Potter 

Jacob Prifti 

Alec Provo 

Cody Randall 

Dauid Reggiani 

Jennifer Reynolds 

Paula Ribeiro 

Olivia Rivers 

Jessica Robidoux 

John Robinson 

Rachel Rose 

Christopher Rose 

Ryan Ross 

Derek Salvucci 

Nicholas Santos 

Brian Saunders 

Albert Saunders 

Sarah Schofield 

Kiley Schranze 

Francis Schulze 

Madison Schmarz 

William Sears 

Timothy Shea 

Brendan Sheehan 

Kayla Shirley 

Joshua Smith 

Amanda Snead 

Stephen Sonza III 



Elizabeth Stack 
Amanda Strickland 

Erin Studholme 
Sarah Sullivan 

Savannah Sijlva 
Rachel Tassinari 

Kaijla Tibbetts 
Brittany Tirrell 
Jake Jrainor 
Jillian Trovers 
Matthew Tuffy 
Meagan Tuffy 
Michael Valenziano 
Tina Vielia 

Nicole Villano 
Kimberly Wallant 
Tiffany Warner 
Haijleij Watson 
Patrick Wetterberg 

Emma Whall 

Evan White 
Brendan White 
Corrine Willcutt 
Matthew Williams 

Hadleij Withington 
Michael Withington 
Kristen Woods 
Riley Woo/son 


^.Congratulations from the Class of 2014 Congratulations from the Class of 2014 


A man may die, 

a nation may rise and (all, 

but an idea lives on. John T. Kennedy 



Joiene Hoffman-Advisor, Peggy Foley -Advisor 

Brad Feeney - Vice president 

Josh Bowen - Treasurer Pat Fey - president 

Deven Diaz - Secretary 



C^ngratuIationsjiromth6CIasso/2014 Con9ratutotions/romtheC2asso/2014 -* 

Alexa Abbott 
Marissa Akeley 
Connor Allard 

Ian Allen 

Christopher Ailsopp 
Kelsey Almond 

Gustavo Aloes 
Alefe Andrews 
Alison Apjohn 
Kyle Arnold 
Mattheui Audette 
Anthony Aoeni 
Jessica Baggan 
Michael Bambrick 

Courtney Banzi 
Ira Barnhardt 
Joseph Belladue 

Stewart Betz 
Jacob Bilotta 
Colby Bott 

Brandon Boutin 
Joshua Bowen 
Jara Brennan 
Kyle Briggs 
Alexander Brisbois 
Kailee Britto 
Alyse Bruneau 
Jesse Bunting 

Dana Burgess 
Joshua Cadorette 
Cuyler Campbell 

Matthew Carpilio 
Trevor Castelli 
Rakin Choiudhtiry 


Anthem/ Ghristensen 
Brian Christian Jr. 

Shalyn Cleaves 

Sophie Cleland 

Staijshia Cody 

Elizabeth Cohoon 

Molly Coit 

Simon Conroij 

Hope Cooke 

Kamila Cordeiro 

Madison Cordeiro 

Chandler Cordeiro 

Mackenzie Corrigan 

Elissa Corthell 

Victoria Cotone 

Meghan Cotter 

McKenzie Crehan 

Rebecca Cyr 

Marshall Cyr 

Ana Paula Da Silua 

Patrick Danner 

Nicole Day 

Deuin DeBniyn 

Dylan DeBruyn 

Kristen DeCoste 

Marielle DeSisto 

Treuor Deulin 

Deven Diaz 

Emily Dion 
Kayla DiSaluatore 
Matthew Doherty 

Brandon Doionton 

Kenneth Drew III 

Robert Dries 



Mistie Dr'mkwater 
Thomas Duddy 
Seth Eaton 
Caleb Eaton 

Benjamin Eaton 
Sean Eldridge 
Jillian Ellsworth 
Merin English 

Jennifer Facch'mi 
Theresa Fasanello 
Bradford Feeney 
Sarah Fender 
Anthony Fernandes 
Russell Fernandes 
Patrick Fey 
Cameron Fleming 

Meaghan Flynn 
Sarah Fonteles 
Kyle Forsberg 
Kelsey Frahlich 

Emily Freeman 
Shayna Friedman 
Jacqi Gallant 
Brandon Ganged 

Andrew Garvin 
Kelly Gibson 
Alyssa Goldberg 
Amoreena Gomes 
Carolina Goncahes 
Cody Grassi 
Alexander Grauelle 
Brandon Green 

Christopher Greenwood 
Patrick Guidetti 
Dylan Gurney 
Natalie Hall 

Christopher Hall 
Barry Hallahan 
Michala Haney 
Christopher Hardy 


Sagen Harkin 

Brandon Harlow 

Trevor Harrington 

Kayla Hurl 

Christian Hatch 

Sean Hatch 

Cameron Heath 

Alexandra Henderson 

Asia Hernandez 

Sebastian Herrera 

Michael Hiclcey 

Patrick Hicks 

Steuen Hill 

Keuin Holland 

Leeijah Holt 

Spencer Houde 

Nicolas Honey 

Emily Hufnagle 

Conor Hurley 

Chase Jackson 

Alyson Jacobson 

Nicholas James 

Kelsey Jenkins 

Hauiey Johnson 

Dasmine Jones 

Gordon Kennedy 

Andrew Kiny 

Taylor Lake 

Rachael Lane 

Hannah Lavigne 

Eualina Lawson 

Adam LeBlanc 

Hannah LeBlanc 

Gina Lentini 

Thomas Lentini 

Marianna Lenton 

Emma Leydon 

Kellie Lincoln 

Joseph Linscott 

Theresa Loranger 



1 . 

Iliana Lorenzo 
Kathleen Lynch 
Joseph Macomber 
Ian Mayuire 
Haley Mahoneij 

Isabel Ma/Ion 
Brianna Moloney 
Quinn Mangano 
Virginia Marco 
Michaela Marcucci 

Matthew Marti 
Kyle Mason 
Keuin Masse 
Emily McDonald 
Joseph McDonough 
Benjamin McHone 
Rory McRae 
Hannah Mead 

Jakob Medliaug 
Jacob Melamed 
Alannah Mellon 
Kendrick Monaco 

Kess Moneyhun 
Amber Mott 
Moorea Moylan 
Dylan Mulvey-Welsh 

Juliann Mnrnane 
Kimberly Murphy 
Robert Naidoo 
Haley Nason 
Jamie Nickerson 
Haley Nicklas 
Brieanna Olson 
Meaylian O'Rourfce 

Lacey Oiiellette 
Jill Panora 
Natalya Papa 
K'lib Papa 

Cody Parks 
Wilson Parra 
Logan Payton 
Cameron Pejouliy 


6re(i Ffernou) 

Hannah Petersen 

Samantha Pkml 

Paige Post 

Laura Polhier 

Connor Pratt 

Samantha Pratt 

Matthew Proctor 

Kelsey Pumphret 

Nicholas Quintal 

Edgardo Ramos 

Taylor Rankin 

John Reardon III 

Hayley Rei/eiss 

Casey Reilly 

Emily Ricardo 

Sarah Rice 

Stanley Rice 

Ashley Robichaud 

Jessica Roth 

Shawn Reynolds 
Jacob Rubin 
Darby Ryder 

Aaron Sanboeuf 

Da-Juan Santos 

Lucas Santos 

Justin Schaller 

Kris ten Schipellite 

Hannah Schulze 

Amy Serine 

Ashley Shea 

Caroline Sheehan 

Madelyn Shores 

Jrejuan Siloa 

Catherine Simpson 

Hugh Sims 

Allison Sineuiick 

Jessica Sinn 

Alyssa Smith 

Nadine Soares 


Meghan Souk 
Michael Sauza 
Brett Sparrow 

Taylor Stefaiio 
Ma/lory Steiuart 
Donald Stoddard 

Michael Strassel 
Morgan Stutz 
Bianca Taddia 
Danielle Tanner 
Nicole Taonnina 
Emma Taijlor 
Abigail Telford 
Megan Thomas 

Jordan Thompson 
Allison Torrance 
Elizabeth Tosi 
Kaiila Turfee 

Grace VanBuskirk 
Andrew VanNess 
Dominic Vantangoli 
Nicole Varrasso 

Nicole Vecchi 
Dau'na Vella 
Joshua Volla 
Meghan Walsh 
Jeddasia Warner 
Alexa Weathers 
Christopher Webb 
Lilly Whalen 

Savannah Williamson 
Chelsea Willis 
Clarice Wellington 

Theresa Worrell 
Alexandra Wrack 
Austin Willie 


The Plymouth High Schools Present 

Sweet Charity 

A Musical Comedy 

The crew that holds it all together, 

All smiles 
Our make-up is ready 
for the stage 




& AmM 


' *s ; , 



M t-*» 

■^B m\ 

/l ,,00^'tl ^(PZk. 

f »s 

I*. t» 1 I ^ 1 

m ■ lA ' J 

Plymouth North Women in Sports 

Brittney Dhooge and 

Nicole Holmes 

Peer Mediation 

Alex Ariagno, Scott Ringuette, John Trainor, 

Mrs. Andrea Norton: Advisor, Connor Flynn, Tyler Lawson, 

Ricky Weathers, Alexa Weathers, A lyssa Flannery, Brittany Tirrell 

Board Game Club 

Julie Arnold: Advisor, Joshua Hawes, Cuyler Campbell, 

Marissa Akeley, Andrew Colton, Tanya Little: Advisor 

Best Buddies 

Jacquelyn Best, Max banner, Joseph Conley, 

Megan Abaspour, Katie Kitchell, Jessica Morgan, 

Peter Stasinos, Jared Bramhall, Kim Wallant, 

Amy Devine, Jake DeStefano, Briane Gorton, 

Marissa Akeley, Alexa Abbott, Ashley Dhooge, 

Kristen Schipellite, Kayla Shannon, 

Christine Belmonte, Tina Viella, Olivia AuDuong, 

Lucy Shea, Jenn Robinson, Eleace Walsh, 

Andrew Colton, Ashley Brisbois, 

Francesco Lapsley, Mikayla Cote, 

Barbara Sravelle, Connor O'Dwyer, Ashley Abrams, 

Sammie Burt, Maggie Burt, Joshua Hawes, 

Barbara Grogoza, Kathleen Donegan, Hannah Cole, 

Jordan Flowers, missing, Kim Latosek 

Prudential Spirit of Community 
Awards Nominee - 
Florence Gonsalves 

Model U.N. 

Cara Goodman, Ally Dries, Kariane Gentry, Barbara Grogoza, 

Mr. David Clark: Advisor, Erin Kirby, Ashley Brisbois, Maggie Burt 

Drama Club Executive Board 

Ms. Rachel Fallon: Advisor, John Patrick Hogan, Vice President, 

Paulie Devlin, Treasurer, Shawn Flanagan, Publicity Coordinator, 

Shane Indeglia, Secretary 

Drama Club 
David AAaniero, Jack Garvin, Emma Canducci, 
Kathleen Normile, Kelley Brennan, Rowena 
Lindsay, John Patrick Hogan, Grace VanBuskirk, 
Shannon Raeke, Christian Emery, Joshua Hawes, 
AAs. Rachel Fallon: Advisor, Shawn Flanagan, 
Trevor Metcalfe, Frank Schulze, Holly Martz, 
Abbi Johnson, Paulie Devlin, Tracy Velloso, 
Kaila Braley, Kim Arthurs.Shannon Fernando- 
Cole, Colby Bott,Graham Allen, Megan Owens, 
Shauna Conrod, Kathleen Donegan, Kristi 
Goodman,Veronica Cavanaugh, Jaclyn Mennonna, 

Kay la Goldberg, Haley Cloonan-Lisi, 

Shane Indeglia, Molly Legrow, Rosemary Campbell, 

Rachel Wallace, Hannah Cole, Emily Bott 

Jewish Brotherhood Award- 
Ashley Brisbois 

Peer Leaders 

Colin Robinson, Jared Cullivan, Brendan Gill, 

Mr. Jonathan Murphy: Advisor, Kyle Maynard, Jason Bergeron, 

Brooke Ieronimo, Chantelle Cyr 

Project Impact 

Alexandra Wrack, Grace VanVuskirk, Ian AAaguire, AAs. Karen Smith: 

Advisor, Colby Bott, Tommy Duddy, Hugh Sims, Mrs. Margaret 

Madden. Advisor, Emily Ricardo, Hannah Schulze, Isabel Mallon 

Deca Junior/Senior 

Ariana Nardo, Tom Faucett, Jared Cullivan, 

John Wood, Jimmy Mitchell, Nick Boutin, 

Jared Bramhall, Brian Fasanello, 

Ms. Kathy Schram:Advisor, Emily Pickett, 

Pat Horgan, Bobby Savoia, John Myette, 

Erik Hansen, Cam Sroezinger, Mike Ahlstedt, 

Shannon Raeke, Emily Pieroni, Lauren Callahan, 

Alycia Corvini, kenna Andrews, Tony Perry, 

Jake Holmes, John Reardon, Jaymz McStowe, 

Ashley Saunders, Bobby Wallace, MaryKate 

Jaeger, Megan Roy, Joe Cadorette, Kay la Durand, 

Brooke Ieronimo, Nicole Russo, Angela Corbo, 

Alexandrea Bergamo, Karen Roth, Sean Folan 

Daughters of the American 
Revolution Award- 
Doug Maccafferri 


Amelia Petrell, Madyson Cordeiro, Veronica Cavanaugh, Paulie Devlin,Tyler DeMoura, 

Jonah- Jerrell Daniel, Megan Abaspour, Emily Mabb, Jenn Robinson, Justin Schaller, 

Graham Allen, Holley Jackson,Alyssa Goldberg, Erica Dickson, Kim Wallant, Tina Vielb, 

Jessica Robidoux, Ally Dries, Chantelle Cyr, Kendall Kolb, Emma Machado 


Holly Martz, Alex Ariagno, Sean Serrilla, Michael Thornton, Mrs. 

Andrea Norton: Advisor, Kevin Edson, Shannon Tolles, Amy Riordan, 

Brittany Dhooge, Erika Prince, Alyssa Flannery, Megan Cappola 

Deca Freshman/ Sophomore 
Corey Boudreau, Vicky Gilmore, Kenny Drew, 

Madison McCormack, Brendan Sheehan, 
Alex Potter, Jacob Prifti, Trevor Metcalfe, 
Frank Gomes, Pat Wetterberg, Chris Hardy, 

Asia Hernandez, Jessica Morgan, 

Liz Bramhal I, Rachel Tassinari, Anna Colbert, 

Claire O'Donnell, Zachary O'Reilly, Lilly Whalen, 

Ms. Kathy Schram:Advisor, Marianna Lenton, 

Kailee Britto, Sebastian Herrera, Nick Santos, 

Hannah Petersen,Jen Facchini, Tess Fasanello, 

Gina Lentini, Josh Cadorette, Casey Reilly, 

Alyssa Smith, Nicole Brown, Megan Lunetta, 

Richard Guevremont, Calvin Ellis, 

Leif Burgess, Albert Saunders 

Wendy's High School Heisman 

Awards Nominees- 
Adam Cuomo and Nicole Holmes 

Winter Percussion 

Bobby Cavanaugh, Frank Schulze, Connor Farrand, Chris Taylor, 

Stewart Betz, Shawn Flanagan, Connor Flynn, Melissa Whittaker, 

AArs. Bonnie Holmes: Director, AAeaghan Flynn, Caitlyn Pozerski, 

Lezah Burgess, Veronica Cavanaugh 



1 1 ''littjjl 

l \ 




Color Guard 

Mrs. Bonnie Holmes: Director, Kathleen Normile, 

AAegan Thomas, Asia Hernandez, Kelly Gatslick 

Plymouth North Band Members 

Kevin McNeely, Jill Panora, Kelley Brennan, 

Matthew Lentini, Emma Canducci, Bobby Cavanaugh, 

Brendan Sill, Kyle AAaynard, Grace VanBuskirk, 

Tara Brennan, Sean Hatch, Ian Maguire, Stewart Bet; 

Mike Souza, Melissa Whittaker, Frank Schulze, 

Tyler Sravelle, Chris Taylor, Lezah Burgess, 

Kayla Tibbetts, Jessica Morgan, Kathleen Normile, 

Kelly Gatslick, Megan Thomas, Courtney Banzi, 

Holly McNeely, Emily Bott, Shawn Flanagan, Tyler 

Lawson, Sean Gary Brady, Connor Flynn, Connor 

Farrand, Colby Bott, Shannon Fernando-Cole, 

Hannah Schulze, Asia Hernandez, Mrs. Bonnie 

Holmes, Director, Meaghan Flynn, Rory McRae, 

Charlotte Hovey, Caitlyn Pozerski, Nicole Borofski, 

Kelly Cazeault, Katrina Borofski, Molly Liolios, 

Nicolas Hovey, Merin English 

Comcast Leaders and 
Achievers Scholarship- 
Erica Prince 

BF-'. ■ .■ 

9* J >-' PV 

■ST * <^i 

K J 

BgZ-'l . • 



t a 1 

1 Jf ** _ ^H 

1 BL. / 

* JlW ''v^^t 

9 /-I 

if m 

Plymouth North News 

Jeffrey Synan, Daniel Joseph Gordon, Adam Cuomo, Megan Abaspour, 

Florence Gonsalves, Mary Faraday, Brianna Fazio, Ms. Shelley Jaruse 

Caitlyn Pozerski, Amanda McDonald, Ashley Lambert, Carissa Brown 

Chorus Executive Board 

Graham Allen, Tyler DeMoura, Megan Abaspour, 

Ally Dries, Chantelle Cyr, Kendall Kolb 

Math Team 

Doug Maccaferri, Alex Rozak, 

Chris Corbo, John Trainor, 

Erika Prince, Kevin Dory, 

Tyler Barrows, Jared Bramhall, 

Brittany Dhooge, Mrs. Mary Humberd: 

Advisor, Ally Dries, Nicole Holmes, 

Florence Sonsalves, Meredith Lane 

Student Council Executive Board 

Jessica Morgan, Secretary, 

Connor O'Dwyer, Vice President, 

Shannon Raeke, Publicity Coordinator, 

Mrs. Lynn Larracuente: Advisor, 

Karen Roth, Secretary, 

Carissa Brown, President, 

Ms. Betsy Robbins: Advisor 

Student Council 

Tyler Green, John Patrick Hogan, 

Jessica Morgan, Shannon Raeke, 

Connor O'Dwyer, Vicky Gilmore, 

Ms. Lynn Larracuente: Advisor, 

Hadley Withington, Christina Noyes, 

Gemma Henderson, Nellie Johnson, 

Ms. Betsy Robbins: Advisor, 

Olivia AuDuong, Karen Roth, 

CarissQ Brown, 
Brandi Diaz, Caitlyn Pozerski 

Jazz Band 
Kyle Maynard, Connor Flynn, 

Shawn Flanagan, 

Mrs. Bonnie Holmes: Director, 

Lezah Burgess, Nicholas Hovey, 

Emily Bott 

The Eagle Editors 

Florence Gonsalves, Amanda McDonald, 

Ms. Shelley Jaruse, Advisor, 

Kariane Sentry, Brandi Diaz 


National Honor Society 

Brittany Dhooge, Erin Kirby, John Trainor, 

Dana Boudreau, Doug Maccaferri, 

Ashley Brisbois, Maggie Burt, 

Mrs. Mary Humberd: Advisor, 

Samantha Levangie, Tyler Barrows, 

Nicholas Tosi, Kayla Shanon, Cara Goodman, 

Mrs. Patty Glynn: Advisor, Kaila Braley, 

Ally Dries, Florence Sonsalves, 

Barbara Srogoza, Erika Prince, Brandi Diaz 

National Honor Society Officers 
Florence Gonsalves, President, 

Nicholas Tosi, President, 

Maggie Burt, Vice President, 

Mrs. Mary Humberd:Advisor, 

Barbara Grogoza, Vice President, 

Erika Prince, Vice President, 

Mrs. Patty Glynn: Advisor 

Anime Club 

Kelly Gibson, Alannah Mellon, 

Mrs. Lee Ann McGee: Advisor, 

James Bradley, Jill Panora 

Lit Magazine 

Samantha Levangie, Kevin Edson, 

Sam Pickett, Shannon Tolles, Erika Prince 

Missing from photo, Ms. Biz Hughes: Advisor 


' v . ' ,-•' 



ddnign and construction 

Matthew T. Boynton. D.M 

UJOCxfs !^@&S v %i 




WlNOkl R. SfcKKI V & RosttsBITU.. Pt! 



. ConnpanY^ 

On Plymouth > 



N v 




V - -7... t<$ 





Cold Spring 

Plymouth Crossings 




Stcpfcwa J. Ktn, D.M.D,, P.C 
.1. Devon L<itz, D.M.D. 

7V/<r T.Cressmafj, D.MD. 

The Painted> 

(link HjMM ***** f* «■ so 

«km* fcwt k 0» ljM« 

Vfio HeaftfryAppetites 

Robert A. Rituccl, DMD, PC 
Specialist In Orthodontics 

Nancy <l f ) _ cr 


v — ^^ Photograhy 


PartyLite Gifts 

>l port of the Community 

Grynn and Barrett Photography 

The Grenier Family Photographers 

Holyoke, MA Westborough, MA 

Framingham, MA Rocky Hill, CT 


Committed to helping & serving 

our neighbors & communities. 

34 local branches • 

Plymouth branch 

29 Home Depot Drive 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

*— Southern 
New England 

A fixture in Plymouth's North End for over 65 

Family Style Atmosphere 
lunch and Dinner Specials 

Voted Plymouth's Best Pizza 93-99 and 02 

330 Court Street (Rte3A) Plymouth (508)748-3444 


p^iamma Mia 

"1 /-N. Hom£AMAA& Pucza,, Pasta, &l wtore. 

family StyU RettaMraJtt & Lounge, 
FimctlorV Vj)OMs St Cateruiq 

5 Conxwiimt Locations: 

Plymouth - 122 Water Street 

Carver - 73 Matrv Street 


MarskfUld - 928 PUu+i Street Kingston, - 134 Main, Street 

781-834-3050 781-585-9847 

Hanover - 333 Columbia^ Kd 



PticzA, Made, to Order ~ Vifte, In, or Take, Ou£~ Authentic Italian/ food' 






(508) 746-2162 FAX 747-3929 




v ' «A CKHt* 

Wayne Gomer 


3 1 9 Court Street, Rte. 3 A 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

Phone: 508-746-3483 

Fax: 508-747-455 1 





To the Class of 2011 

And Keep Smiling! 

Robert A. Ritucci, DMD, PC 

Specialist in Orthodontics 

Children, Adolescents & Adults 


Member American Association of Orthodontists 

110 Long Pond Road, Suite 122, Plymouth, MA WWW.WHAT-A-SMILE.COITI Phone: (508) 747-4667 



Middle Street School of Music 


Jr 1 ^^ 

nil mm* 


H!8! wraniSI HP* 

II I ill IW i li'i | m H 

23 , 

: ^"b- ■ r~^~ ;< * 



Congratulates the graduating Class of 201 1 ! 

Middle Street School of Music 


12 Middle Street 

Plymouth, MA 02360 

The Mirrored Iwage Photography 

Plymouth. Mamchuietts 02360 http://wwwthemlrroredlm»je com 50I-24+-4073 

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 


The Mirrored Image Photography 


Kathy Jackson and Jenny Drain 




Quality and Service First 
SCOTT BROWN, President 


TEL: 781-585-9797 • FAX: 781-585-9699 


76e "Plcf*nout6> Seutd P<zne*tta /twociaXiott 
(?<uianatuC<2ti<M4 otvi *7<xie*tted Se*tio*4 

Kyle Maynard, Brendan Gill Holly McNeely, Kelley Brennan, 

Chris Taylor, Caitlyn Pozerski, Kelly Cazeault, 

Shannon Fernando-Cole, Molly [folios 



flbf^ SU ^iwi^ty**^ 

l)jsj*J^ S ijL ^ 


^Yo/K) TCn-ut ttuT*JX'&- ~tfao . /httci $V ; 





" \J\A- 

$Ucik^ Viatel 





Teter T. Cressman, DJVf/D. 






DUXBURY, MA 02332 




(508) 747-0822 

OFFICE (508) 746-2643 

FAX (508) 746-7472 

Tales of JWthe Sea 


Nautical Gifts 









Carpe Diem 







to the 

Class cf 201 1 

13 Court Street • Plymouth, Massachusetts 





FAX: 508-746-5488 


Lucfc ! 




Mm HeajthyAppetites 





44 Lons Pond Road • Plymouth, MA 02360 

508.747.8100 Fax 508.747.6916 

Master Lie. # 11108 
Fax (508) 830-0141 

Mike Flowers 


Plumbing & Heating 

Specializing in Service and Repairs 

38 Curtis Dr. 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

toll free 1 (877) 530-2255 
(508) 746-2255 

Congratulaticns tc the Class cf 111 1 



Plumbing & Heating 


%^Aji %X4fve4 M "R^cJUX, X^Ce/u, §/yhAJ!/u, cAXex (k> fewx^ 






Cold Spring 

1 80 Court Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

V>aku RiLa/i 

Clothing § Accessories 






The village LflYufu-vg i^o water street 

Plymouth 502. J+J-. 0820. 

$est Wishes 

to the 

Cbss of 2011 


Congratulations to the Class of 2011 

Plimoth Candy Company 

< % ■ 1 i 



Company ,-• 

Bill Johnson ~ owner 


Email: Plimoth Candy (a>aol com 


0a tAm <Watm*/*ont 

84 Water Street 

Plymouth, MA 08360 


silkscreen | embroidery 

No Screen Charges 
Low Minimums 
Fast Turnaround 

T-Shirts & Sweashirts 
Jackets & Hats 
Team Apparel 
Promotional Products 


187 Court St. Plymouth, MA 

I 80 





& GCCd LUCk tc cur 

Senicr Athletes 

The Plymouth North High School 
Athletic Booster Club 







Education Association 
of Ply HrisO utihi arid Carver 


225 Water 
Street #C-205 
Plymouth MA 

Phone: 508- 

The EAPC, which represents the teachers, secretaries and 

paraprofessionals in the Plymouth schools, proudly 

congratulates the graduates of the Class of 201 1 . We wish 

you success and happiness in your future endeavors! 

v :- 

-£> *-( 













9^ " - ^ ^BHHJ 


V; Yl#^ J ' 

^ — 

- .. 


"» ^^^ fj i W a g " 1 * . 

v-~_ **»a 


V I 


\ -f 


s «* 

J From Your Friends At Memorial Hall \ 
* a 

Goldberg Entertainment & Management lnc./= 

i ff 

To the Class of 2012 - 

Congratulations ! 

And Best Wishes 1 

^estAuiratint & Pc*fc> 

30 Tcwr Wharf PcuJ ^SS^fca ck! 

Pliimeutf), MA 


TELEPHONE 508-224-2777 



P.O. BOX 126, 849 STATE ROAD, MANOMET, MA 02345 

Congratulations to Holly s Colleen 


Debra Sue Richters 

Deb's Way 


4 Whiting Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

Phone: 508-746-0558 
Cell: 508-320-9769 
I mail: RackumDeb (a W >l .com 

C ongratulations 


Best Wishes 

To the Class of 20 11 

From the 

Plymouth North 

Robotics Team 


Sean Serrilla, Frank Aguiar, Cameron O Dvvyer, Tyler Green, Mike BastoniAdvisor, 
Jason Gardner, Derek Salvucci, Dan O Rourke, Rachel Campbell 


^Therese Murray 

-^ President of the Senate 

Representing the People n 

1 and iwnslah 

To the graduating seniors of 
Plymouth North High School: 

I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. Be proud of 
your accomplishments - your education will serve you well. 


Senator Therese Murray 

Plymouth and Barnstable District 
President of the Massachusetts Senate 



Stale 1 louse 

10 Cordage Park Circle 




5?2. Huston. M V 02 1 - 

one: 617 72: 1500 

Room22«>. Plymouth MA 02 
Phone: 508.7-4ft.W2 



;i\: 617.248.3X40 

1 ;iv 508 746.4*) 10 


I "1"1"'h 


CongratalatioDS s Best Wishes 
to the Class of 2011 


Matthew T. Boynton, D.M.D. 

Cosmetic and Family Dentistry 

Stephanie P. Kiefer D.M.D. 

Board Certified Periodontist 

(508) 746-1666 
Fax (508) 746-3630 

mm otmt 

Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360 

Serving your needs lor TOTAL DENTISTRY 


Winokur, Serkey & Rosenberg, Pc 


Congratulations to thjz Class of 2011 

and to 

the Winner of the 2011 

%:ubin M.Winokur <§>eholsrship flward 

81 Samoset Street 
Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360 




proudly supports 

Plymouth North High School 

and the continued success 

of its students. 

Congratulations Class of 2011! 


Come and see the difference. 

19 Newfield Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

508.746.2999 (t) 
508.830.0591 (f) 

I 87 

Andrew Milion presenting Responsible Sporti Winner to PNHS 
Choto<ourtesy Of OCM ■ Dave Wolcott 



Andrew C. Milian 

Sales Representative 

Auto Home Life 

Andrew Milian"' 

www l.ilxm Munul com AndrewMilian 

Liberty Mutual Group 

Personal Saks 
PO 15ox()212. 50 Derby St. 
Hingham. MA 02018-0212 
Tel TK1) "10-1920 X54564 
Fax (-«D 741-2536 

Best Wishes 

Good Luck 

Class of 2011 



• From Design to Finish 

• New Homes 

• Additions 

• Remodeling 

• Custom Interiors 

• Cabinetry 

Over 35 years Exp 

Office 508-746-8546 Chris Post Cell 508-272-3244 

Best Wishes 

To the 
Class of 2011 

llollg McNeelg 

Sam Flowers 

121-1 Camelot Park 
Plymouth, MA 02360 



nl LPL Financial 

Verner C. Khederian, CLU 

Registered Principal 
Financial Consultant 

16 Allerton Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360-3969 


508 747 8939 fax 
508 746 3077 office 

"The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, 
first, hard work; second, stick-to- itiveness; third, common sense. 

Thomas Edison 

^Viere t/? e S( 

J^wyv. pi lg w KACAMPSC Sa 

Old Colony Auto School, Inc 

Complete Drivers Education 

Frank Lane 

84 Court Street Plymouth 


1 laNp5CapiNc;.iNc. 

design and construction 

rfj -, f" ' 

*ta$$&,- *f*^ 

L/reamscape Landscaping is a full-service design/build/maintenance company well-known for 
creating unicjuc naturalistic landscapes. VVc take great pnde in our work and our relationship witn 

all our clients 

Dill Wennerberg, resident 



i ■ * * ■ ■V'. l .'. t .'l' ■ ■ i , 


■■>tt. . ,»j J «i 
> c» j>inMin»m ii m« « ■ ""■" 

i ' "" ■" "i inimi" 


wood's seafood 

Best Wishes 

To the 
Class of 2C 11 

Town Pier - 508-746-0261 


r TStt 


9l£m, Q£a</, attdQfae/i 



in a bllnte of a\n, eye, you became a young kvuiiA,. since you. were a 
little bow you have succeeded at anything you put your mind to. 
We admire how you set goals for yourself a ia,o( work hard to achieve 
them, you've shown- a natural ability to treat people with respect 
and consideration, we are proud o{ you! kLeep growing to be the 
man we leeu)w you will be. Find happiness as you follow your 
dreams, wherever you go, remember your family will always 
be here. 

Love ya - Mom, x>ad, Nicole, Madison av^d Ty 

.Mils ? % 


S 1 ? . ; - '- .-, 




Dear NichoCe, "VVe are very proud of you and your accomplishments. 
"VVe wish you nothing But success in everything you do with your future. 
we know you wiCCBe successful and make a wonderful teacher, from the 
time you were CittCe, you have aCways been your own person. It is our wish 
that you continue to "fCy with your own wings". 
Congratulations to you & the CCass 0/2011. Lots of Cove, Mom, 'Dad & Tatrick 


Ricky, as the next phase of your journey 

begins all we can say is "Wow"! It is truly 

a pleasure to be your parents! We have 

had so much fun at all of your games and 

been awed by your academic achievements 

But most impressive has been watching 

you develop into the amazing, dedicated 

and caring person you are. We love you 

and wish you great success! Here's hoping 

you have the time of your life in college!! 

Love, Mom, Dad & Alexa 


Have two goals: wisdom - that is, knowing and doing right - 
and common sense. Proverbs 3:21 The Catholic One Year Bible 



We are so proud of you and cannot wait to see 

Where this next step of your journey will take you. 

(Dream <Bia, Shoot jar the Stars. (Believe in 'Yourself. 

There is no limit to what you can achieve. 

Lots of Love, 

Mom, (Dad, Matt, Tom, andQina 



We want you to know how proud we are of 
the wonderful young man, son, brother and 

friend you have become. Thank you for 

always making us laugh and smile. We hope 

you continue to make yourself and others 

laugh and smile. 

We hope all your dreams come true!! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Patrick, Meghan & Chloe 

To my beautiful daughter Megan: 

Wow! It has been 18 years since you blessed my life. There are so many words I 
could use to describe you but for me it is "best friend". You are an honest, 
trusting, and caring young woman that I am proud to say is my daughter. I will 
always be therefor you to listen to your stories and give you what ever help I 
can to put that big smile on your face. I know that you have the determination 
to follow your dreams, and the sky is the limit with you. So reach for the stars. I 
wish you the best with all my love. 



1 JPh " 


Yow are/ a> very ipeclaV 
granddaughter whottv we* 
love^ more/ than/ wordy can/ 
toy. We/have/taken/pride/ 
i^v watching- you/ grow up, 
becoming- a/ caring/ and 
thoughtful/ young- woman* 
Vo- not let go- of your hope* 
and dreamy for the/ future/. 
fZetneinber we/ wCLL aUvayy 
he/ there/ for you/. 




' .- 

&n&ve, a. a Tooe in, tfvc aa/toett. Ot vIaaa. owom it uo« te aure, trui/t tiou, p<ih cto&e attention, 


Over the past two years, you have bloomed into the most amazing young 
woman. We are so proud of you. We love you dearly! Love, Mom and Dad 







From the moment you were born Ihere was never a day you did nol wake up with a smile on your face, and you 
have kepi us smiling every day since. We never eould have imagined all you have achieved so far, and we know 
Ihere is so much more to eome. We eould nol have asked for a better daughter - you will always be our princess! 

We love you. Mom and ©ad 

v>tar Mllee, 
We art very -proud of the person, you/ve 
become over the -past 1& years, you have 
grown Into a lelnd, confident, fun- 
loving ljouvu^ ntfln with the potential to 
achieve whatever you desire. As you go 
through life, always rernen^ber to do the 
right thing and good things will co^vte 
to ljou. we love ijou\ Love, Mom £j v>ad 

:e Zoccolante 

VJaiAi^g i^rtvfc- fog for #1 or #38 or LooicLvu) for 
H^t, GoGo- Bridge. Qv tWo toww oritr of MotWtr 
Gooyt- a*\A fU-t- vwryv oA- Sto-r. l-pyoffio- AnwLccJy 
howu^ovjr^ wWtrt- iWt- buy i/topis riqWj- t*v fronf of 
you-r Wou^t-. A h^g jou-rn&y vAAW a- beg ywUMt- fo- 
►vwWdv if. Ay you* inlet- #v£- ntW' pfef', wtirt> wyAW 
yoiAs aXJU iWes wtuj! 

Lovt- oXwo-y v, Mom. & Dtui- 



As you stepped out that very first day of scfiooC, futf of anticipation, fears, excitement, 
wonder and joy. . . tears come to my eyes, my heart fills with pride and love, for you my 
darling daughter, made this journey of the past 12 years so rewarding for me and your 
family. My social world and circle changed, and so much for the Setter. . . attending, 
participating and just watching you with much admiration in all that you were involved 
in and gave of yourself. 

you worked hard and contributed a lot; to your school, to your teachers, to your teams, 
to your committees and classmates, to your many friends, to life. I have always preached 
"May your todays influence your tomorrows ", "Let actions speak^louder than words " and 
"Charity starts at home". I know you will never forget these sayings, words of advice, as 
you journey on to your next chapter of life. . .full of anticipation, fears, excitement, 
wonder and joy. And yes, tears come to my eyes again, I'm just so proud of you, the person 
you have become, the young girl grown to such a love and wonderful young ivoman. I'm 
so lucky to have you my darling daughter, and I know great achievements and much 
success will always be part of your future. 

-In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different- Coco Chanel 

I Love you, Mom. 


Dear Daniel: 

Your graduation is here. Where has the time gone you were just a little boy know you 
are graduating. We are so proud of you. We have watched you grow to be a kind, funny, 
loveable person. Follow your dreams and always be true to yourself. Remember how 
much we love you, and we will always be there for you. Good luck in your journey that 
awaits you. 

Love Mom & Dad 

Dear Daniel 

Thank- you so much for being a good 

brother. Thanks for all the times you have 

given me rides places, fun times in the house, 

and letting me hang out with your fnends. 
Thank you for moving on now I do not have 
to share a room with Brett. I do not have to 
listen to Mom yelling at you. I will miss you 
and I hope that you have a great future with 
college and in life. Love Justin 



Dear Daniel 

Thank-you for being the best big brother 
ever. It is going to be less quiet because I will 
not have to listen to Mom yell at you anymore. 

It has been amazing 13 years with you. 
I will miss you. I wish you a good four years in 
college. Love Brett 

My wish for you today and every day is a life fill with love from f amily 

5c fnends who appreciate the unique talents and gifts that only you can 

give to this world. Daniel, you have what it takes to be successful and I 

have every confidence that you will succeed in what you want to be. 

Most of all, be kind, be happy and be honest. You began this life as a 

beautiful baby boy who grew up to be a handsome young man. You aren't 

a child an)Tnore, though in my eyes I guess )Ou'll always be, that beautiiul 

blue eyed baby boy who bnghtens my life and means the world to me. 

I am so proud of you, my Dear Godson. I treasure you as the special 

blessing that you are. Love always, Auntie Maggie 



"You are the essence of joy and the true meaning of life. 
You are a rare and treasured gift. . ..You are my beautiful 
daughter." Linda Sackett-Morrison 

You are "The Baby". Our last one to leave the nest. If 
we could keep you home with us forever, we would. We 
have been blessed to have you for a daughter. You have 
brought us joy and happiness every day since the day 
you were born. We are so proud of the beautiful young 
woman you have become. 

Follow your dreams and be happy always. We love you. 

'JAom the road, rise to meetyou, may the wind be 

always aty our back, may the sunshine warm upon 

yourface, may the rainsj all soft across y our JieixLs 

and, until we meet again, may godholdyouinthe 

palm of his hand. ' old Irish 'Blessing 

Love, j>Aom, T)ad, caitUn and Conor 


■ J&bb 


Celebrate we will because life is short but sweet for certain" Dave Matthews Band 

Carissa, You are a beautiful soul, inside and out. We celebrate YOU now. . .all your hard work 
and your many accomplishments. We celebrate your tenacity, your aspirations, your love of lift 
As the DMB put it, "Take what you can from your dreams, make them as real as anything." Wt 
know you will. We love you Ris! 

Mom, Dad, Jess, Adam & Andrew 

Bf ^" ~~ -<erv 

r^> & ** 

L .> 

^ ~^^d 

1 i \n 


Douglas Charles Wilkinson Maccaferri 


b" r ^ jhHI 

f' A 

HHV^ va.^H 'VHS 


%/ M > &gM 


"Wherever you go, go with all your heartT 

~ Confucius 
Dear Douglas, 

You have given me more happiness than yon conld 
ever imagine. I will love you forever and ever. 
Always remember to lead with your heart. We are 
so proud of who you are. 

Love, Mom, Poppy, Patrick, Charlotte, Lucy and 
Madeline xoxoxoxox 

■ v" ' 

The difference between a successful person and the others is 
not lack of strength, not lack of knowledge, 
but rather a lack of will *. Vince Lombardi 

So cani/uie/fi/tut in- uve. 3i*eotion oX uawi 3xeomA. oLi*!£ toe lii 
uon node, im<i/awv£<i. JV-efvi/U. DcuQid CJncvieAUA, 

> ^ *Jq HD8TH 


Adawi, we are so proud of the incredible uounc^ wtan you have become, your 

telnet mature, Intellect, dedication and talent will tatee you far Iia. Life. 

we Love you with all our hearts,, now and always. Mom., Dad, Halley .§ sa maltha 


My Sfiozu Qiris. . . . 

Olivia, < Kact\j J WCikgyta, %aijta and Lauren 

Chris, #kx, eNlcofe, Vmdl md Cocfy 
Never pass up a chance to share laughter, hugs, 
smiles and dreams. Never taKe life for granted. 
Let those you love Know you love them. "Realize 
good happens to those who are good. And .... 
"When you come to a forK in the road, taKe it! 

yogi Berra 

VVe wish uou all good health and happiness. 

(_jod bless uou and keep uou sare 
(_.hristine Jampson and L\Jaine (_,hanebois 

"Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older 
and think back, you'll be able to enjoy it a second time. 

Dalai Lama 

I'll akvays remember the joy and fun you all added to 
my "Las Vegas" party for Lauren's Grandmother 
-Blanche. I am proud of you all 

Congratulations! Love, Linda 

Dearest Megan, 

It seems like just yesterday you were 
in the "back toys" dancing on the 
picnic table in your bikini and my 
high heels. Let's not forget the early 
years of "Doodie" and your good 
friend "Ataweena". As your parents 
we have watched you blossom over 
the years into a beautiful young 
woman. As you enter into the next 
journey of your life remember we 
will always be there for you. We 
were truly blessed some eighteen 
years ago when we brought home 
our sweet bundle of joy. Stay true to 
yourself and continue to follow your 
dreams. We are so very proud of 

Love always, Dad and Mom 

You have been loved since the first moment gou entered our 
Lives. We have watched gou grow into a kind, caring and 
intelligent gouna man. We are so proud to have gou as our 
son. Always believe ingourself and trust gour heart, andgou 
will succeed. We are gour biagestjans and will aiwags be 
herejorgou. congratulations'. 

We lovegou, 
j\Aom, and T>ad 


A bog who means the world to me. 

One who is kind, warm, caring 

loves sports, 

a areat athlete, 

a arandson to be proud of. 

Never change. 

vAtofootball hero. 

Love, Nan 

The fce>( to happiness is 

having dreams. The fce>( to 

success is mafcing the 

dreams come true. 


Don't forget the journey that you've 
tafcen to get where >jou are and the 
people who have helped fou along the 
wa<j. F*member those memories we've 
made as brothers and friends and loot: 
forward towards the ones <jet to come. 
£now I will be there in times of need. 
Congratulations and good luck. 


Dear Nick, 

Though I won't be with you for every stop along the way, 

The ride of your life continues on. 

The places you will go have no limit. 

The things you will accomplish show no signs of stopping 

The person you have become shows no wrong turns. 

Though I will miss the rides to school every day, 

you have longer roads to travel now. 

Wherever you end up in life, 

make sure it was worth the journey. 

And make a few pit-stops home along the way! 

Love, Liz 

Dear Nicholas, 

It is so hard to put into words how we feel about this point in your 
life. We are amazed and so very proud of how well you have done 
and all that you have accomplished. You will go far in life and be 
successful if you continue upon the path you are on. We wish for 
only good things to come to you, and we will be right here waiting 
to share in your joys. It is difficult to think of you going off to college 
and not always being right here, but hopefully, we will always be as 
close as we are now. Good luck, stay safe and keep close. You have 
no idea how much we will miss you and how much we all love you... 
there are not enough words for that. Love always, Mom & Dad xoxo 



You/ hcwes brcvLm- irvyour head/. You/ ha\>e/ feet in/ your 
bhoef. Yaw carv iteer yourself any direction/ yaw choose/. 
YouJre/OYv your own/. And/ you/ know what you/ know. 
A nd< YOU are/ the/ one/ whcrVb (decide/ where/ to- go. . . " 
- Vr. Seute 

Congratulations! We are proud of >fou. 


Mom and Dad 

M^^* vl 



1 1 


■ '<+ 


''*■ /l 




May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home 
May good and faithful friends be yours, wherever you may roam 
May peace and plenty bless your world with joy that endures. 
May all life's passing seasons bring the best to you and yours! 

( Irish Blessing) 

We are so proud 

of yoti— 

Love, Uode Scott 

Augt Karii? 











Nellie, we are so proud of you, destined for 

success lia, whatever uou do. A wonderful 

daughter a\A,d Loving sister, always, a loyal 

fiagitd. <^ood Lucfe! 

Mwm., t>ad, ^civIia, g Tessle 


" promise me you'll always remember: 
you're braver than you believe, and 

stronger than you seem, and smarter 
than you thinK." qu^ju &&« ** &<* 


&.\-- .* ■ 



Si n 

/\ huge ""Phanlc You" to trie | lumouth North 5 emor CJ ass of 20 1 I for malcing a difference in the 

local fight against hunger. Y°ur earlu efforts in 100/ to team together with all the coaches, fellow 
players, the | f\j fjooster CJub and the entire | lumouth |\jorth student population and their families 
nade a huge impact on our local community. Your legacy will move on with students for uears to come. 

Your impact will be felt beuond uourgraduation dau.... 

"Voa miss 100% of thg shots you njzvszr take." Waynsz Grsztzky 

wishing all of you. the best Lia, yoixr future endeavors 1 
Co^gratulatloiA-sjaso^ B-ergeroi/v. we Love you a^d fe^ow you will go oia, to accomplish great things! 

Lynne McCarthy "Bergeron (Mom), T)ad & CarCy, Tapa & Nana 



have so many wishes for you. 

want you to be safe, smart, cautious, 
and wise beyond your years. 
Come to me with your fears. 
Get your feet wet with new experiences, 
but never get in over your head. 
Realize how capable you are! 
Your possibilities are unlimited. 
You are loved beyond all time. 
So many treasures await you in your 
journey through life, and being blessed 
with you has been mine. 

Douglas Pagels 

Dear John, 

Daddy always used to say: " We need to kill him before he grows!". 
I on the other hand used to say this is our child from God and it's our job to raise him, 
teach him morals and values and some day we'll be able to say we've taught him to 
become a fine young man. That time has come and Dad would be very proud of you, too. 
I could never thank you enough for always being there for me and our family. Now hurry 
up or you're going to miss the bus. 

My very best of wishes always - 

I love you oodles of bunches ! 





Q^» <we 6o> oem Jbreud of uou,/ 

' aou& dtecwnA 

uou/ will Acute 
3/ke wAole world In uew* Acmcbf 
^pve, Jfflom and Qe)ad. . . 












trans 5H 


/^acn. I have always looked up to 

uou. |t won't be the same without 

uou around but | know you're 

going to do well in college. 

Love,, Jake 


Zachary, Eighteen years have gone by since our Beautiful baby boy came aCong. you continue tofiffour fives with joy every 

day. 'We have watched you grow into a kind, responsibCe, strong young man and we couCdnot be prouder of the person you have 

become andadyou have achieved "Eighteen years have gone by andnow you wiCC be going to codege... another journey'. Take hoCd 

of the opportunities you are given and reach for the stars. Take your with you andmake sure you iaugh aCong the 

way. Our wish for you is continued success and happiness wherever Cife takes you. HeCieve in yourseCf. Thank you for ad the 

memories you have given us and making us proud to be your parents, your famdy wdf aCways be here for you. 

~We Cove you, Zachary! Mom andVad 


We/ ewe/ very proud/ of 

you/ cvncV aU/yotw 

(MXXrvnplL&KYVieMty. We/hnoxu 

you/ wiXb be/ bucc&tefid/ iw 

everything' you/ do-. 

Thcwihyou/for cvULthe/ 

voonderfub wi&YVioriefr evnet 

for th& wuewvoriefrtxr come/. 

Love/ you/, 

Mom/ cwicb Void/ 


"She's my dear, my dardn one 

'My smilin' and heguiCin' one 

I Cove the ground she walks upon 

'My fittfe Irish girl. " 

<0r t 




I nese things, we warmln wish ror ijou - 

jomcone to love, some work to ao, 

/\ bit of o'sun, a nit o'cneer 

/\nd a guardian angel always near. 

/\\\ our love, 

(Vjom, |J)aa, (_jnfrin, ]J)ulan &■ (grandmother 


■ ::..■ 



To our little girl, We love you so! Now it is time 

to let you go! We hope the future brings joy 

and happiness. Good luck in college. 

Love, kisses & hugs V 

Dad, Mom, & all you sisters and nephew! 


Jeffrey, Looking back on tfappy Days; MMTS, TCIS, and North - through 

aff these years you Brought much happiness and daughter to our home. ~We 

have watched you grow into a strong, caring, and yes, handsome young man. 

'We are proud of aff your accompCishments: watching you in peewee football, 

your determination to make weight andyour Ceadership in high schooC. "We 

couCdnot he more proud of you. IVe Cove being known around town as 

"Jeffrey's parents". ~\Ve know you w iff carry it into coCCege and beyond. 

Mways remember the three %'s: He good "Be carefuC, He safe. Love, Mom & Dad 

''tfcrthina kfryyin<> unle-ttfint fr (jre-Mn,. " 

Carl Sandburg 

Syd, IJau did it! We axe ueru proud of you. IJmi have aa many special talents. 3kii£d yowi tife around them 

and da what you lone. We wiah you aucceaa in whatever, you choaae. We awe Behind you ail the way. 

She Seat io yet ta came. We Cave you, 2>ad, Mam <£ Jameaon 


We/ are/ to- proud/ of yaw! Yaw ha^e, 

a/ beautiful/ future/ ahead/ ofyou>. 

Kewi&mber: Ufa iy alwayy about 


chapter of your life/! 
Love/, Monv, Vad/, PJ & Shauna/ 

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." 

Beverly Sills 

Chris Corbo 

We have loved you from the beginning, because 

You are CLASSY 

You are ATHLETIC. 



We are proud as we watch you 
mature into a fine young man, 


and remember... 





b2/)ear Wottr/ney, 

'He are eera Aretu/ ' o/t/oti ■. //on /iaee aw/kerf 'k* Aarr/. 

' -/re teAi/i t/ott eo tiff tilted '■ktcce-iA ata/ /ia/y>t'iie>tt. 

To the littlest sister. We could not be more proud of you and everything you have accomplished throughout these past 

four years at Plymouth North. Although not every minute of high school was glamorous, you managed not to just survive, 

but to shine through it all. Keep the memories you have made and the friends you love because good memories are 

priceless.and good friends even more so. Remember, no matter what, we all love you bigger than the sky and cannot 

wait to see what the future brings!!! Good luck, Liwy-diwy.Plymouth North managed to survive the Natola legacy! 

We love you!!! ForeverA ever, The Big Sisters ( 4 Jessie, too!) 

"^y/ie 6e^i/ teat/ tobret/iei 
t/iefitfttre i6 fo ereafe t7. 

(Qiuot/ crea/itia t/ott Pi. 

Author Unknown 

Dear Odvia, 'We are so proud of the young 
Cady you have Become, you made your awn 
way through high schooCwhiCe waCking in 
pretty big steps your sisters (eft Behind. JA 
new chapter in your Cife wiCl Begin on 
graduation day. Continue to Cive your Cife 
in the moment, as you do each day. He happy 
"RememBer: we wiCCaCways Be here for you. 

rrom tit moment I k'rft fain you, I £*&o yoa Dtrt fptcial. w art fa£& a treat 
&riet(d to eotryoite wio home you, a* amuzmy daaaktt-r a/id a truly to m fftreo*. 

You rnaJU- me proud eatry finite day. p/evtr tkanyt. / loot, you, flfom 

Holly. I am so lucky to have you for a sister Thank you for always driving me around. I will 
miss you while you are away at college (esp. on Monday nights) I love you - Kevin 

Solly, You are the top or that heap. I am very proud of you! Hope you learn something. Beet of luck. LoveLove, D 

(jue. ve. 40 piou3 ol iiou., Jlouu. tjou. \$M da vbeJOt viiVn. aJUL iiowi enaea/doia. 
jLoSe, Dwiik, fern. QT warn 

HeLlw - Here's to the best younger sister cti/ujeiA.e could aste for. you w-fltee t\zt\Mov^t so 
proud av^d iadu cr\a. do fl^utkii/tg uou put ujour miin,d to. c^ood game 1 6/m.. 
8utjsville- you Know how much I love yoo, we Jo«\'t «\eeJ ill that mushy stuff - Grampie 
"Tfolltf- foutd not 6e tttme hioud o£ you. 1 6ope <foa 6aue (oti o£ £u* at colteqe (atony tvitA. totA o£ 
«ttuUfity. of, eounoe) and mucA aucccti Cn tAe fortune. TVitA mucA (ooe — (fuimmU & G-vuHbie £ttue 
Hotly- you cue gueA a special niece to $*$ omd me cue 90 proud of yon. We love you 
6uncAe» and QuhcAos. We wi$A you tAe 6egt of lucQ oh tAi$ next eAapter of your life, 
love. Auntie Qini & Uuele Tim 

'5u£-you know' I thtok of you ss viy own! You're sn swesonw kid. We icwe you so pjucb. 
Amy. Jsybo &■ Christos 





It seems like yesterday we brought you home from the hospital, placed you on 
the couch and stared at you because we didn't know what to do next. Wow, 

that was probably our only quiet moment of the last eighteen years. Your 

homeruns and strike-outs, your goals and penalties, your smiles and tears... 

all your accomplishments. We are so grateful for every minute of the past 

eighteen years. Be proud of yourself, we are! Mom and Dad 

"Great moments. ..are born from great opportunity. And that's what 

you have here tonight, boys. That's what you've earned here tonight... 

This is your time. Now go out there and take it!" Miracle - 2004 

Congratulations! We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. 
As you continue on your path through life, we wish you much happiness 

and success. This is your time to shine! 
Thanks for all the wonderful memories. Love always, Mom, Dad and Jen 

; ->^ 

*" V * -m ft 

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy. 

(John Lennon) 

May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam. 
But whatever road you chose, I'm right behind you, win or lose 

(Rod Stewart). 

Christ Church, Episcopal-May 13, 2001 -Your First Communion Prayer: 
Thank you Lord for accepting me as I am, for taking care of my loved ones who 
are here on earth, and those who have joined you in Heaven. I will work hard to 
make you proud, and pray to you every night because I know you are watching 
over me from Heaven. 

Tyler: My sincere congratulations on all of your accomplishments but, more 
importantly, I am so proud of the young man that you have become. Please 
know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers; you hold a special place 
in my heart. Be confident that I will always be here for you. Lave, (grandma 



I watched you grow from young to now. ! am so proud of 
you. You will never know bow 1 feel until you have your 
own children. I have watched you from day one. 1 hope I 
raised you right. Now, all I can do is sit back and watch 
you turn into a young adult. I am very proud of you. 

Follow your dreams, Vfto 


From, the you. were bom, 

iadu have been a Light In our life! 

you are so telnd av^d caring 

with a heart ofyurt ^old. 

we art soprou.d of wou 

and all wou have dov^t. 

Love, Mom. av^dv>ad 

"Pdncina With, the feet ii one tkina, 
fancina Witk tke hefrrt is another. " 

-A«tA*T wnlonnv'n 

We hope your dreams continue 
to take p to the highest of 
your hopes, to the windows of 
gour opportunities, and to the 
most special places yoar heart, 
has ever wished for. You have 
alwags made us proudl 


Mom. Dad, Cameron, 

Gramma, Grampa, & Aunt Robin 

Kirsten, we are so proud of you for your accomplishments. We 
know that you will go on to be successful, and find that life on 
the stage where you have always thrived. We are and will always 
be behind you 100%. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

us* , ,-*m* 












~ <: i 

f * 



. . • 


Thank you for coming to my games and for always 
supporting me. I still can't believe you are going to 
college next year. I will miss youl Love, Joey 

You are the best big brother I could ask for. Ever since 
I was little, you have always been therefor me. The 
years flew by and now you're off to college. I am so 
proud of how far you have come. 
Keep working hard, Matt! I love you, Meghan 


\/ou have Become the young man we had hoped and wanted 
you to he. "We couCdnot he more proud of you, you have made 
many sacrifices to chase your dreams and hecome the person that 
you are. Over the years you have Brought so much joy into our 
Cives. JACCthe wins and Cosses were awesome to watch, however 
after the games when it was just thefamdy, those are the times we 
wiCC cherish forever. JAfways Cead, never foCCow and rememBer to 
Become the person you want to Be. We aCCCove and support you. 

Love you aCways, 

Mom and Dad 

I love you and look up to everything you do. I know you 

will always be my awesome older brother. 

I wish you the best of luck! Love, Casey 

2008 Division 2 State 


Brittany Alisha, your beautiful smile brightens our 
every day. We know you will succeed in 
whatever you put your mind to, and we're so 
proud to have you in our family. As you're 
cousin would say, always remember "You're a 
Hathaway!" Love you very much, Mahh and 
Daddy xoxo 


Reanie, Beans, Neaner. We have so many good memories and jokes between us. Thank you for being my 
doll when we were little (hence the boy haircut) and even though we have our differences (your Barry White 
voice, while mine's more like 'The Nanny's" and you have rhythm, while I most certainly do not) you're the 
best little sister I could've asked for. And while our names for each other are rather unique, I'm most proud 
to call you my little sis. Love ya A. Kayla 


Dear Alex, 

We love you so much and are very proud of you. We hope 
you know how truly special and unique you are. You have 
been blessed with a kind and loyal heart. You are a 
wonderful daughter, sister and friend. We wish you all the 
beautiful things the world has to offer. Stay true to yourself 
and follow your dreams. 

Enjoy every day of your very bright future. 
Smile, laugh, love and be happy. V Love, Mom and Dad 

Shannon Rose... 

We are so proud of you! You have 

been the light in our lives since the 

day you were born. You bring us joy 

and laughter every single day and we 

are truly blessed to have you as our 

daughter. Always remember to believe 

in yourself and everything else will 

fall into place. 

We love you always, Mom & Dad 

I will miss you! 


Your Favorite Brother 




.' .-- 



41 Obeiy Street, Plymouth, MA 02360 

"Excellence doesn't just happen, it's a decision you make everyday." As a graduating member of the class of 2011, your 
decision-making to date has rewarded you with a high school diploma; a milestone on the path of endless possibilities that lie 
before you. Under NORTH'S new leadership team, you have demonstrated the ability to manage change, also a life-long skill 
that regardless of your next steps in life, will always prove beneficial. Remember in life, often times, "You can't change the 
wind, but you can always adjust your sails." 

NORTH'S mission: "Is to challenge students to reach their full academic and personal potential, to become life-long learners, 
and to contribute to society as thoughtful, informed citizens who accept responsibility for their actions. Working with the 
parents and the community, we strive to create a safe, personalized, and supportive environment that fosters tolerance and 
respect and to prepare students for the challenges of higher education and careers." As Principal, I have witnessed exemplary 
academic projects that compete at the local, state and national level, outstanding individual and team athletic performances, 
moving visual and performing arts performances, works of compassion and generosity throughout both our school and our 
extended school community that have touched the very core of humanitarianism. As a member of NORTH, unequivocally as a 
unit, the commitment to "BLEED BLUE" is paramount 

As you leave NORTH to take on the next venues of your life, remember you will always be welcomed back. Upon your 
departure, I encourage you to give back to the world that which NORTH has given to you. Teach, coach, raise the level of 
someone else's reading, writing, thinking, civic, and social status; make this world a better place because of your efforts in 
doing so. Use what you have learned to do good things, while moving this country and, ultimately the world, forward. 

Principal, PNHS 

Kiya-Class of 2025, Alex '10, Lindsay '10, Paige 14, Rachel 12, Ashley '06, Adam 12, Dayla 'Ok 


"Choos>t a job uou If avui wou will i/v-ever V\ax/t to worfe 
a dau i\a, ijour Life." co^fudus. 
While there #re W9Dy different rosdt th?fc we take to Me, it is 
those -who wslk with as thft roske the journey worthwhile. 

To the Class of 2011 - Wishing you the best of ^ best. Keep in toach. Mag God keep goa safe. Love, Christine Sampson 






"(Be the change that you want to see in the world. ' 

-Mohandas Qandhi- 







▼ kj 





^ ^^E 


flshtey (Bris6ois Maggie (Burt 

Jinty Giordan %fl.riane (gentry Mrs. Sampson 

Hotfy Martz %etti <Fors6erg 






1 ■ 

Plymouth No 
High School 



Good Luck to the Class of 2011! 
- Andy Dugan 


Confidence is -that feeling by 
which -the mind embarks in great, 
and honorable courses with 
a sure hope and trust in itself. 
-Marcus Tullius Cicero 

Best Wishes, Class of 2011! Best Wishes, Class of 20111 






To the Class of 2011 

'yesterday is but a dream and 
tomorrow is just a memory. 
*But today well-lived makes 
every yesterday a memory of 

Happiness and every tomorrow 
a dream of Hope. " unkn 


ilinaaQoggin %m Mien 

Class advisors 


Class Officers \ 

"The important thing is to never stop questioning. Curiosity has 

its own reason for existing." 

- Albert Einstein 

Brandi Diaz, Kevin Edson, Cara Goodman, Adrianna Garrett 
President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer 



Best Wishes, Class of 2011! Best Wishes, Class of 20111 



- 4 • 

. .•